Develop One’s Faculties’s new look!

Lol, Johannes new look makes me speechless. See the group picture below!

Top: new look
Bottom: old look

Vocal: yuya Guitar: rui Bass: detto Drums: Johannes
Vocals: yuya Guitar: rui Bass: detto Drums: Johannes
Vocal: yuya Guitar: rui Bass: detto Drums: Johannes

New look

Develop One’s Faculties

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Develop One’s Faculties

Debut: Dec 20th 2014

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yuya yuya: May 8th
rui rui: July 26th
detto detto detto: July 13th
Johannes Johannes: June 8th

Member History

  • Vo. yuya → Minerva(Vo.sin) → Schwein(support Gu.) → cocklobin(Gt.yuya) → Develop One’s Faculties(Vo.&Gu.)
  • Gt. rui → Claire → the Pumpkin Head → Chemical Pictures(rui→Kenta Hirai) → Develop One’s Faculties(rui)
  • Ba. detto → -Eve-(hideto) → ラジオ体操第二 → Taihai no Sora(hideto) → neon(support) → Cherry → Edogawa Paradox(raiha) → Develop One’s Faculties(detto)
  • Dr. Johannes → CROW!(璃和) → Ichigo69(sora) → Mellow Pinky → Jaguarー(support) → meth. → cocklobin → Develop One’s Faculties(Johannes)

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