8 bands at Ikebukuro EDGE (personal)

I’m in Japan right now and experience a lot of cool stuff. I wish I could tell you more about it, but the schedule is thight because work as well as play. Maybe I can tell you more when I arrive home.

But shortly… the other day (March 15th) I headed back to Ikebukuro EDGE to see 8 bands that might be considered as the “heavier kind”, so I really looked forward to it.

First band out was HOLYCLOCK, which probably was my only big disappointment of the night. They had no energy, the vocalist had no charisma and they played dull songs. They didn’t have much fans in the audience either, so I kind of felt sorry for them… but anyway, probably not a band I want to see again. And their new look is hot!


Next was RevleZ, which was pretty heavy. A lot of tough furi (choreography) like endless headbanging which gave us or fair share of exercise. Ren is really pretty live. ^_- I’m glad I got the chance to see them, since they will disband in May. Too bad another great live band will be no more. 😦

Cruel with RevleZ

Next was the 3rd Birthday, which was my greatest surprise for the night. Such a cool band! I loved it and I wish I could hear more. I will definitely see them again if I get the chance. L had this insane look on his face and was very charismatic. And it was heavy, we headbanged a lot. Which I like. ^_-

The 3rd Birthday

Next was Avanchick, which I really have been looking forward to see. NOAH’s growl may not be deep enough yet but I really enjoyed it and really want to see them again. They truly got some catchy nice songs. They tried to make us do “The wall of death”, which unfortunately didn’t go very well (to my relief – I hate wall of death. ^^) Otherwise it was just great. Go Avanchick!

And next was Cardia, which was one of the better bands this night. GAB was pretty crazy and started the act blindfolded. I don’t know how many songs he sang like that before he jumped down among the fans (still blindfolded) and encouraged us to do the wall of death (again), and I guess it was a little bit more successful. On stage he demanded us to dance, dance, dance (circle around) forever… it felt like that anyway… but he has a great voice and he’s extremely charismatic. I definitely want to see them again. 🙂


And next up was BIOSPHIA. They were one of my favorites this night. Great music, great energy and great live show. Unfortunately this is another great live band that we will loose, since they will disband in April.


Next band was THE BLACK SWAN which was a great surprise as well. At first Jin (the singer) didn’t enter the stage, but the bassist RENA grabbed the mike instead and started to sing. I started to wonder if Jin wasn’t going to be there tonight. But after a while he entered, and RENA took his place behind him. THE BLACK SWAN were good and had a fashinating and beautiful show on stage. Jin wore black airy cloathing that he could – kind of – hide himself in and it looked really beatiful with the breeze in the room. RENA was very charismatic as well with his pointy teeth and body modifications. I don’t think I’ve seen before that he has a skull implant in his hand.



And last band was Crimson Shiva that looked cooler than ever and played a lot of my favorite songs. They were a really great ending and we made them do an encore. I usually don’t get lucky enough to catch things that the artists throw from stage, but the day before I managed to grab the pick from Masatoshi in Anli Pollicino, and this night I managed to get my hands on Natsuki’s pick. 🙂

crimson shiva

After 8 bands I was pretty tired, but proud of myself that I endured and stayed in front of the stage the whole time. I’m a little bit sad though that I didn’t manage to by any merchandize from RevleZ, The 3rd Birthday and BIOSPHIA, since they left before the event was over. 😦

But over all, it was a fantastic night. I feel blessed. 🙂 If I would grade the bands, from best to “least best”, it would look as following:

1. The 3rd Birthday
3. Crimson Shiva
4. Cardia
6. RevleZ
7. Avanchick



Band: Crimson Shiva
Formed: 2011


Vocal: -tokiya- (鴾弥) Guitar: Asuka (明日華) Guitar: -shinji- (神路) Bass: Natsuki (夏朧) Drums: Aki (亜輝)
tokiya (鴾弥)
asuka (明日華)
shinji (神路)
natsuki (夏朧)
aki (亜輝)

Crimson Shiva Official Webpage
Crimson Shiva Official YouTube Channel

Other posts about Crimson Shiva on my blog
Crimson Shiva

Blog Twitter Fan-mail Bloodtype Born
-tokiya- -tokiya- -tokiya- -tokiya-: A -tokiya-: Aug 5th
Asuka Asuka Asuka Asuka: O Asuka: June 16th
-shinji- -shinji- -shinji- -shinji-: O -shinji-: April 22nd
Natsuki Natsuki Natsuki Natsuki: A Natsuki: Dec 3rd
Aki Aki Aki Aki: A Aki: June 29th

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