I went to Tokyo and fell in love.

Sorry for not updating the blog so much the last days. I’m in Tokyo right now, and will be here for three weeks. We have been very busy so far. We landed yesterday and more or less headed directly to Takadanobaba AREA to see six bands:
* Nocturnal Bloodlust
* Arlequin
* LUCHe.
* Ensoku
* Gigamous
* Kuroyuri to kage

I had not seen any of these bands live before so I was excited. I actually though that Nocturnal Bloodlust would be the stars this night, but I must say that the band that totally stole my heart was Kuroyuri to kage. They were really amazing! Arlequin was great as well and Ensoku was really entertaining (quite crazy band). Gigamous and LUCHe. was my less favorites but they had a lot of crazy fans in the audience.

Kuroyuri to Kages staff took this picture. Me and Jess are the red heads in the middle. :-)

Kuroyuri to Kage’s staff took this picture. Me and Jess are the red heads in the middle. 🙂

Today (after a night with with no sleep), we headed back to Takadanobaba for another concert. Today we saw:
* Kuroyuri to kage (AGAIN!!!! <3)
* Gossip

I saw GRIEVA and DIAURA last year so I was most excited to see Gossip and Kuroyuri to kage. Kuroyuri to kage’s performance today was even better than yesterday and we would like to see more of them during this visit. Unfortunately they don’t seem to perform in Tokyo any more this month. But it you get the chance to see them – do it! I loved how they had decorated the stage with medical stuff and a snare. Karasuna Mei (the singer) jumped down and stumbled among us in the audience. He looks really crazy with a top-knot on his head and blood running from his noise. He was really entertaining and crazy on stage. And his voice was perfect.

Gossip was good as well, but I was a litte bit dissappointed when it came to the sound in the arena. But they looked good and made a great performance. They were my number 2 favorites this day. GRIEVA rocked as well, as expected. Yes, I’m very satisfied right now. 🙂 Tomorrow we will have a day off from concerts, but the day after that it’s time for the GazettE! 🙂

the GazettE | SCANS | Sony Walkman | Download

We got some time to say “hi” to Hachiko in Shibuya.



Ladies room in Takadanobaba AREA…


Much food. Very wow. ^^


Tasty desert…


I’m really fond of octopus and salmon sashimi. Mmmm…



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