“Story” by Scarlet Valse (Album details + digest + “Dear” FULL PV)

"Story" by Scarlet ValseScarlet Valse will release a new mini album titled “Story” in May!

Mini album: Story
Release date: May 27th 2015
1. Infinite Creation
2. Story
3. Voyage in Chronos
4. Dear
5. Curse of Red
"Story" by Scarlet Valse6. Raison d’etre
1. Story (music video)
Preorder at Starwave Records!
Preorder at Starwave Records!

The album will be available in two types. The limited edition will be limited to 1000 copies and includes CD + DVD + booklet (8 pages). The album will be sold in advance at their live “Innovational Story” at Ikebukuro CYBER on March 19th. You can watch the full PV to the track “Dear” below!

"Story" by Scarlet Valse


Band: Scarlet Valse
Formed: 2011


Vocal: Kakeru Guitar: You. Guitar: Jun Bass: Takuya Drums: Hiroki
Vocal: Kakeru Guitar: You Guitar: Jun Bass: Takuya Drums: Hiroki

Scarlet Valse Official Webpage
Scarlet Valse Official Facebook
Scarlet Valse Official Twitter
Scarlet Valse Official MySpace
Scarlet Valse Official YouTube Channel
Scarlet Valse Official Online Shop

Other posts about Scarlet Valse on my blog
Scarlet Valse

Blog Twitter Fan-mail Bloodtype Birthday
Kakeru Kakeru Kakeru Kakeru: AB Kakeru: July 12th
You You  You You: O You: Jan 21st
Jun Jun  Jun Jun: B Jun: Dec 15th
Takuya Takuya  Takuya Takuya: AB Takuya: Oct 25th
Hiroki Hiroki  Hiroki Hiroki: A Hiroki: May 3rd

Member History

  • Vo. Kakeru → Sephiroth → バル, 鹿鳴戦隊, KKR Project → Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse
  • Gt. You → Setsuna → RAPT → Bang-Doll → Sylphy → ☆Yokohama Bay Rock Stars☆, Rail Tracer(support) → ☆Yokohama Bay Rock Stars☆, Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse
  • Gt. Jun → Rail Tracer(support) → Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse
  • Ba. Takuya → Atelier → Spider lily(support) → Spider lily → nijiiro gekka → nijiiro gekka(Takuya), Fukumoka(collon) → Fukumoka(collon), Lauder(Takuya) → Louder → Scarlet Valse
  • Dr. Hiroki → BADGE-X → Setsuna → Bang-Doll → BADGE-X, Rail Tracer(support) → Scarlet Valse → ?

Former members:

  • Ba. I → Fantom → BALSE, Fantom(support) → BALSE, FANTOM(support), Rail Tracer → Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse→  ?
  • Dr. BANZON Scarlet Valse → [left due to major health problems]

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