SuG will go on hiatus

Takeru, the singer, has been diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis and must undergo surgery.

Vocal: Takeru (武瑠)

It’s a bit inconvenient since they are in the middle of the release of “BLACK”, but since he recently had a fever of nearly 40°C (104°F) there’s no reason not to take action. His recovering is estimated to take a month or so, so he will be back on track in no time – don’t worry! ^^

SuG’s planned activities will take place as planned, but Takeru might not be able to participate in all promotional work.

Message from the band:
“To all of the fans, to all concerned parties, we apologize for putting you through a great deal of trouble.”

I say: don’t worry. All fans want you healthy and happy in first hand!



Band: SuG
Formed: 2006


Vocal: Takeru (武瑠) Guitar: Masato 	Guitar: Yuji Bass: Chiyu Drums: Shinpei
Vocal: Takeru (武瑠) Guitar: Masato Guitar: Yuji Bass: Chiyu Drums: Shinpei

SuG Official Webpage
SuG Official MySpace

Other posts about SuG on my blog:

Blog Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
Takeru Takeru Takeru: O Takeru: May 11th
Masato Masato Masato: A Masato: May 26th
Yuji Yuji: B Yuji: Oct 21st
Chiyu Chiyu Chiyu: O Chiyu: Dec 27th
Shinpei Shinpei Shinpei: O Shinpei: Mars 20th

Member History

  • Vo. Takeru →  Dizzy×Glow → TRAVEL → SuG → SuG, Uwakimono(solo)
  • Gt. Masato → [An Cafe Roadie]  → TRAVEL(正人)  → SuG(masato)
  • Gt. Yuji → TRAVEL → SuG(ゆーぢ→yuji)
  • Ba. Chiyu → LUSIA → Arc(我拉) → nana(Chiyu) → SuG, solo, GREMLINS(support), [other]
  • Dr. Shinpei → シリウス(晋) → kocho no yume(晋平), Secilia Luna(support/晋) → Secilia Luna→ SuG(support/shinpei) → SuG

Former members:

  • Dr. MITSURU →  Retina → SuG → ?
  • Ba. Shouta → AmeriA → SuG → ?

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  1. I hope they are not gone for too long. SuG is so much fun. Have you seen the K-Drama You Are Beautiful? Maybe Takeru has a twin sister who could fill in while he is getting surgery. K-Dramas are great, especially the ones about music.

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