ex-A(エース) Nimo has started a solo career (RHAPSODIA~Dolce Vita~ details)

You who have been loyal fans to the Japanese group A (ace) / A (エース) probably know that the bassist Toshi has moved on as a member of Kaya’s band Femme Fatale.

Now it’s the singer Nimo’s turn to re-enter the stage again, but as a solo artist.

Nimo will release a cover album in March titled “RHAPSODIA~Dolce Vita~” in which he interpret masterpieces by groups like Malice Mizer and L’arc~en~ciel. Please see details below.



Cover album: RHAPSODIA~Dolce Vita~
Release date: March 18th 2015
Order: at CDJapan

Track 1:

Title Romaji: Tsuyoku Hakanai Monotachi
Title Japanese: 強く儚い者たち
Title English: Strong fragiles things
Original artist: Cocco
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Track 2:

Title Romaji: Aoi Hitomi No Ellis
Title Japanese: 碧い瞳のエリス
Title English: The Ellis of blue eyes
Original artist: Anzen chitai(安全地帯)
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Track 3:

Title: au revoir
Original artist: MALICE MIZER
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Track 4:

Title Romaji: Tsugunai ~Acoustic ver.~
Title Japanese: つぐない ~Acoustic ver.~
Original artist: Teresa Teng(テレサ•テン)
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Track 5:

Title Romaji: Heya To Y Shatsu To Watashi ~Acoustic ver.~
Title Japanese: 部屋とYシャツと私 ~Acoustic ver.~
Title English: Room,Y-shirt and me
Original artist: Hiramatsu Eri(平松愛理)
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Track 6:

Title Romaji: Kono Yoru wo Tomete Yo
Title Japanese: この夜を止めてよ
Title English: Please stop this night
Original artist: JUJU
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Track 7:

Title: Another Orion
Original artist: Fujii fumiya(藤井フミヤ)
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Track 8:

Title: RAIN ~Acoustic ver.~
Original artist: SIAM SHADE
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Track 9:

Title: RESET
Original artist: CHIHIRO
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Track 10:

Title Romaji: Anata
Title Japanese: あなた
Original artist:L’arc~en~ciel
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Track 11:

Title Romaji: Kimi wo Nosete ~Acoustic ver.~
Title Japanese: 君をのせて~Acoustic ver.~
Original artist: Azumi Inoue(井上あずみ)
Note: from Laputa: Castle in the Sky
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NimoArtist: Nimo (ニモ)
Background: A (エース)
Birthday: March 13th
Bloodtype: A

Nimo Official Blog
Nimo Official Twitter
Nimo Official Facebook

Other posts about Nimo on my blog

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