“Over The L’Arc-en-Ciel” in USA, Mexico, UK and more!

As earlier announced, the WORLD TOUR 2012 DVD “Over The L’Arc-en-Ciel” will be screened in countries outside Japan via Live Viewing Japan.

Information announced so far is:

Country City Cinema Ticketing Information Ticket on sale
Indonesia Jakarta Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia Click Here Now
Blitzmegaplex Central Park
Serpong Blitzmegaplex Teras Kota
Bandung Blitzmegaplex Paris Van Java
Bekasi Blitzmegaplex Bekasi Cyber Park
Balikpapan Blitzmegaplex Balikpapan Plaza
The Philippines Manila SM North EDSA TBD Now
Thailand Bangkok Paragon Cineplex TBD TBD
United Stated New York Anthology Film Archivesx Click here Now

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Over The L'Arc~en~ciel


“The documentary of the largest world tour in Japanese Music History, made into a film!
A film which covers extensively the WORLD TOUR 2012 of the four-member band pulling the Japanese music scene with its strong presence is finally released!!

Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shang Hai, Taipei, New York, London, Paris, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, Yokohama, Osaka, Tokyo and Honolulu -,

This documentary film covers extensively the “WORLD TOUR 2012” held from March 3 to May 31, 2012  with 17 concerts across 14 countries attracted 450,000 people.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, L’Arc-en-Ciel made the challenge to have a huge scale world tour which had never heard in Japanese rock band history.

This film records not only their powerful live scenes but also their precious footage of the backstage and offstage which have never been shown to the public.

The members show us their naked self, – a smile, confusion, excitement, and tension.

They became the first Japanese artist holding a solo live at the palace of the music, Madison Square Garden. The film portrays the backstage of the great achievement so vividly that its graphic description becomes a real historic document.

And what is the reason why members shed tears at the beautiful land with a rainbow?

An energetic and up –and-coming movie creator, Ray Yoshimoto born and raised in the US, was appointed as the director of the film in order to look at the band without any bias or prejudice. So either beginners or hard core fans of L’Arc-en-Ciel, can see hyde, ken, tetsuya and yukihiro with a fresh eye in this film.

Traveling along with the band throughout the tour, the director was more and more attracted to their music and the character of the members. After winning the trust from the band members, he could get closer to the members’ personal side. Furthermore, he captured the “phenomenon of L’Arc” with his global viewpoint, through the oversea media interview and fans’ reaction around the world.

This film describes the real story of the famous rock band that is not afraid of taking risk to challenge the world market even though they have reigned over the music industry in Japan for long time.

The film tells you not only the naked charm of the band members but also “what the real professional is”? An universal masterpiece is born!”

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Formed: February 1991

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Vocal: Hyde
(Hideto Takarai)
(寶井 秀人)

Guitar: Ken

Bass: Tetsu
Drums: Yukihiro
Vocal: Hyde (L'arc~en~ciel)
Guitar: Ken (L'arc~en~ciel)
Bass: Tetsuya (L'arc~en~ciel)
Drums: Yukihiro (L'arc~en~ciel)
Jan 29th 1969
Nov 28th 1968
Oct 3rd 1969
Nov 24th 1968

Member History

  • Vo. Hyde  Kiddy Bombs(Gt.) → Jelsarem’s Rod(Vo.) → L’Arc-en-Ciel, solo, VAMPS
  • Gt. Ken → Doberman → Bystonwell → L’Arc-en-Ciel(Gt.),SONS OF ALL PUSSYS(Gt.&Vo.), solo
  • Ba. Tetsu → PRISONER → Bystonwell → Creature Creature(support) → L’Arc-en-Ciel,  (TETSU69→tetsu→TETSUYA)(solo)
  • Dr. Yukihiro → GUERRILLA → ZI:KILL → OPTIC NERVE → DIE IN CRIES → L’Arc-en-Ciel, acid android, geek sleep sheep

Former members:

  • Dr. Sakura → DEAD END(roadie) → The Harem Q → DIE-KUSSE → L’Arc-en-Ciel → ZIGZO → SONS OF ALL PUSSYS → Lion Heads → Rayflower → Rayflower, ZIGZO, THE MADCAP LAUGHS → Creature Creature → ? 
  • Gt. hiro → First Blood → De-velguer → L’Arc-en-Ciel → Ange:Graie → FEED → Flame
  • Dr. pero → Jelsarem’s Rod → L’Arc-en-Ciel → Ange:Graie → AQUA

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