“L” by Acid Black Cherry (New album details)

Acid Black Cherry will release his 4th album “Lーエルー” in February and it will be available in three different editions!

Album: Lーエルー
Release date: Feb 25th 2015
Lーエルー | Acid Black Cherry
L [CD+DVD (Project “Shangri-la” LIVE Edition)]
+ CD
DVD: Project Shangri-la Encore Season Arena Tour live concert (performed at Nippon Budokan on May 29th, 2014)
100-page L concept story book
Order from CDJapan

Lーエルー | Acid Black CherryL [CD+DVD (Project “Shangri-la” Documentary Edition)]
+ CD
+ DVD: 60-minute Project Shangri-la documentary covering all stops on the 10-month long tour, including off-shots, backstage clips, and interviews with yasu.
PVs for “GREED GREED GREED,” “Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~,” “Kimi ga inai, ano hi kara…” and “INCUBUS.”
Live concert MC best selection from each stop on the tour.
100-page L concept story book
Order from CDJapan

Lーエルー | Acid Black CherryL
+ CD
44-page Acid Black Cherry photobook
Order from CDJapan

CD Tracks:
1. Round & Round
2. Liar or LIAR ?
3. S & M (エストエム)
4. Kimi ga inai, ano hi kara… (君がいない、あの日から…)
5. Lーエルー
6. Greed Greed Greed
7. 7 colors
8. ~Le Chat Noir~
9. Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~ (黒猫~Adult Black Cat~)
10. versus G
11. Nemurenu yoru (眠れぬ夜)
13. Loves
14. & you

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Acid Black Cherry

Also known as: Yasu
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Acid Black Cherry

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