YOHIO’s acting debut

From a Swedish article on Aftonbladet | NÖJESBLADET:

This is where YOHIO become an actor

“I was a bit nervous”
This is where YOHIO makes debut as an actor!

In SVT’s new splurge “Jordskott”, YOHIO will act together with Happy Jankell and Johannes Brost, among others.
– I made a screen test this summer, I was pretty nervous, ’cause I have never done anything like this before, he says.

“Jordskott” – new detective story of the winter on SVT.
Among the characters are: Moa Gammel, Göran Ragnerstam, Richard Forsgren, Happy Jankell, Yohio, Lia Boysen, Hans Mosesson, Johannes Brost, Ann Petrén, Lars-Erik Berenett and more. Directing: Henrik Björn.
Premiere: Feb 16th, 09.00 PM on SVT1.
Plot: Ten years after the disappearance of superintendent Eva Thörnblad’s (Moa Gammel) daughter, another disappearance occur. Is there any connections?

He’s both an artist and a manager of a record company, and now, Nöjesbladet can reveal that YOHIO, 19 years old, wants to try out the profession of acting as well.

YOHIO | Jordskott

His debut will be in SVT’s great dramathriller-investement “Jordskott”, which will have premiere on February 16th on SVT1.
– They mailed me and asked if I wanted to do a screen test. It was totally random, ’cause I hadn’t applied for anything. I got a script and went to Stockholm to screen test. There I met the film director Henrik Björn to talk about the character, YOHIO says.

He plays the part as the 16 year old Linus in the TV-serie “Jordskott”, best friend with Happy Jankell’s character Esmeralda, 21 years old.
– He is a bit emo, wears makeup and has black hair and black clothes and is very introvert. I’m just like that when I’m not on stage as well, so he reminds me of me a bit, but maybe more as I used to be when I was 12, says Yohio.

YOHIO’s great break through came when he performed at the Song Contest 2013 with the song “Heartbreak Hotel” and he became a subject to talk about really fast, thanks to his Japan-inspired style. Since then, he’s been able to start up his own record company and signed several artists.

Got struck by stage fright
Acting has been tempting to try out for a while.
– I’ve wanted to try it for a long time actually, ’cause my grand father was an actor in the 50-60’s and played in many Swedish movies. But I had stage fright as a kid and later the music took over.

YOHIO want to act more in the future
– If I will get more jobs within acting, I will say yes! I really want to continue doing this if I get the chance. But only as a creative part of my life, he says, I will not stop making music.

(Jordskott = Subsoil shoot)
(SVT = Swedish Television Company)




Real name:
Kevin Johio Lucas Rehn Eires

12 July 1995

Musical Background:
Used to play guitar in the Swedish visual kei band Seremedy

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  1. Great news! I thought he showed potential in his acting skits with Henrik Schyffert and Clara Henry. Thanks for the headsup on YOHIO.World, Ioner 🙂

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