“Noroi Waraningyou” by Theatrical Rock Horror Musical 「ZAKLIA」 (single digest & details)

Theatrical Rock Horror Musical ZAKLIA will release their second single “Noroi Waraningyou” on February 18th!
You can listen to a sample of each song in the video below! What do you think?
Theatrical Rock Horror Musical 「ZAKLIA」
Single: Noroi Waraningyou (呪ィ藁人形)
Release date: Feb 18th 2015
1. Noroi Waraningyou (呪ィ藁人形)
2. Hari Senbon (針、千本。)
3. Lanlalulu (ランラルル)

Theatrical Rock Horror Musical 「ZAKLIA」

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Formed: August 3rd 2014
Changed their name: from “Theatrical Rock Horror Musical 「ZAKLIA」” to “ZAKLIA” on March 24th 2016.

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Kyoga (響牙)
Vocals: Kyoga (響牙)
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Angelo (あんじぇろ)
Guitar: Angelo (あんじぇろ)
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Shun (竣)
Bass: shun (竣)
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Member History

  • Vo. Kyoga → FUNNY HEEL → CERES → sistina → JILLS BLUE ROSES → JiLZ(麻夜→Maya) → JilZ★ → LiLiCAL → kuro zakuro → ZAKLIA(Kyoga)
  • Gt. Angelo → Wistaria → ANEMONE is HERE → Primary Glow → Zephiranthes → ZAKLIA
  • Ba. Shun → ZAKLIA

Support members:

  • Dr. waju → DECADE(waju) → JiLZ → JilZ★ →LiLiCAL → ZAKLIA(support) → LIEVRE CLAY
  • Dr. Yuu → palette (support) → kazari→ Dew(support) → DyIng messagE → Kimi wa surudoku(support), 6→7(support), JyuLie(support), Re^ve(support), Cardinal(support) → Kimi wa surudoku(support), SeaR/Lene(support) → Kuroyuri to kage(support), Betty(support), ZAKLIA(support), VABEL(support) → ?

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