Chat with Arlequin in real-time at XENON shop in LA, USA

Now you get the opportunity to interact with the visual kei band Arlequin via live stream in a Q&A session!

Location: XENON (Fashion and Music Shop), Little Tokyo Mall, LA, USA
Date: February 7th (Saturday)
Time: 08:00–09:30 PM
Cost: Nothing, it’s free!

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Band: Arlequin (アルルカン)
Formed: 2013(?)


Vocal: aki (暁)

Guitar: nao (奈緒)

Guitar: kuruto (來堵)

Bass: Shohei (祥平)

Drums: tamon (堕門)

aki (暁)
nao (奈緒)
kuruto (來堵)
Shohei (祥平)
tamon (堕門)

Arlequin Official Webpage
Arlequin Official Twitter

Other posts about Arlequin on my blog:

Blog Twitter Bloodtypes Birthday
aki aki aki: A aki: Dec 9th
nao nao nao: B nao: April 26th
kuruto kuruto kuruto: A kuruto: Dec 8th
Shohei  Shohei Shohei: O Shohei: May 12th
tamon  tamon tamon: A tamon: March 5th

ABOUT Arlequin: ARLEQUIN is a Visual-Kei rock band from Japan formed in 2013. Members are Aki (vocals), Kuruto (guitars), Nao (guitars), Shohei(bass), and Tamon(drums). The band began their activities on August 5th 2013 and released their first demo single entitled “Arlequin” on October 2nd under the indies label GOEMON RECORDS.

The band has released 3 singles “Eclipse”, “Stella”,”Boketsu”, and their first full album “NEAR EQUAL”on November 12, 2014 ranking on the top indies music charts. Their new single “JIRENMA” is expected to be released on February 24th, 2015.

Although only formed for 1 year, ARLEQUIN has SOLD OUT all of their One Man concerts held at Tsutaya O-West, Takada no Baba AREA, Ikebukuro EDGE, ebisu LIQUID ROOM and announced their One Man Concert at Shibuya Koukaido where no other bands have done in the recent years in Japan.

From this, media’s in Japan have introduced them as “ARLEQUIN, the advancement breaking the Visual-kei rock scene” – Yahoo Japan. We strongly believe that ARLEQUIN will become one of the most successful band from Japan following legendary and successful rock bands from Japan.

ABOUT XENON: Xenon is the Official Cure Magazine Shop, recently opened its doors on August 1st 2014 in Downtown, Little Tokyo (319 E. 2nd St #119 Los Angeles, CA 90012). The store carries various apparel brands for ladies and men’s straight from Shibuya, Japan including Shibuya 109 brands and Jury Black, as well as, CD’s, DVD’s, and official tour merchants of idols and bands straight from Japan.
Official Website:

Member History

  • Vo. aki → GRiST (roadie) → Diverse glare in Riot → Arlequin
  • Gt. kuruto → jigoro(support) → jigoro → Arpege → Arlequin
  • Gt. nao →  Shelley(Naoya) → Cu[be](nao) → Arlequin
  • Ba. Shohei → (-DIEVA-) → CINDY&KATE. →CindyKate → CindyKate(Maya), 聖ソロ(support) → Arlequin(Shohei)
  • Dr. tamon → Velllapis(support/tamo-san) → Velllapis(零-zero-→TAMO) → ArecsiA(support), Garo!(support) → Vell;ze(support) → Levia → JILLS BLUE ROSES(support), Allegretto(support) → Arlequin(tamon)

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