“Death Parade” by GAGA (sample) – sounds good!!!

“Death Parade” is the second track on GAGA’s upcoming single Koukotsu no Hana which will be released in February.
See more information about the single HERE!

This truly sounds good!!!



Band: GAGA
Debut: 2015


Vocal: tohka (十) Guitar: shiori (汐莉) Bass: keso (稀葵) Drums: rio (理緒)
Vocal: tohka (十) Guitar: shiori (汐莉) Bass: keso (稀葵) Drums: rio (理緒)

GAGA Official Webpage
GAGA Official Twitter
GAGA Official YouTube

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Blog Twitter Blood-type Birthday
tohka tohka tohka: A tohka: April 27th
shiori shiori shiori: A shiori: May 14th
keso keso keso: A keso: March 31st
rio rio rio: A rio: Sep 16th

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