“Sadomaso” by R-Shitei (PV preview + single details)

R-Shitei will release a new maxi-single in February, titled “Sadomaso”! Below you get a glimpse of the music video. 🙂

Maxi-single: Sadomaso (サドマゾ)
Release date: February 11th 2015
1. Sadomaso (サドマゾ)
2. Go to Hell~Jigoku e no Shoutai~ (ゴォトゥヘル~地獄への招待~)
[DVD – Limited edition only]
1. Sadomaso (サドマゾ) (Making of music video)

Order Limited Edition at CDJapan
Order Regular Edition at CDJapan


Band: R-Shitei (R指定)
Formed: 2007


Vocal: Mamo (マモ)

Guitar: Z

Guitar: Kaede (楓)

Bass: Nanahoshi (七星)

Drums: Hirotaka (宏崇)

Vocal: Mamo
Guitar: Z Guitar: Kaede
Bass: Nanahoshi
Drums: Hirotaka

R-Shitei Official Webpage
R-Shitei Official Youtube

Other posts about R-Shitei on my blog:
R-Shitei (R指定)

Blog Twitter Bloodtype Birthday
Mamo Mamo: A Mamo: May 5th
Z Z Z: A Z: Dec 7th
Kaede Kaede Kaede: A Kaede: Oct 15th
Nanahoshi: A Nanahoshi: April 6th
Hirotaka Hirotaka Hirotaka: A Hirotaka: April 27th

Member History

  • Vo. Mamo → zakuro → kurodenwa(miyabi yoru) → Ama no Jaku(mamo) → kyasarin → R-15 → R-Shitei
  • Gt. Z → gu ri yume → kyasarin(Z) → R-15(Ultra Z) → R-Shitei(Ultra Z→Z)
  • Gt. Kaede →SILK → Ama no Jaku → kyasarin → R-15 → R-Shitei
  • Ba. Nanahoshi → Samurai core → TRIVAL HEADz(Akira Takashi) → kyasarin(Nanahoshi) → R-15(Aikawa Nanae) → R-Shitei(Nanahoshi)
  • Dr. Hirotaka → e puron → bemu → hitodama → R-15 → R-Shitei

Support members:

  • Dr. kaoru → JUNK(kaoru) → kyasarin → R-15 → R-Shitei → Edogawa Paradox(Fujimaru) → Tokyo Quartet → Ballad(kaoru→華惡屡), HiMeDOKI(support)

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