Ask Akane anything! (D.I.D)

Fan: how old were you when you had your first kiss?
Akane: 16 years old.

Fan: would kiss a guy?
Akane: no. only girl. let’s shake hands

Fan: do you go to a date with a foreign girl?
Akane: I still don’t have experience

Fan: I’ve never had sex but I would let you take my virginty.
Akane: how old are you?

Fan: Do you sing in the bath?
Akane: yea

Fan: Do you self harm ?
Akane: no. it is in the past

Fan: You are so hot, babe♡ Can you take a nude picture? Please♥
Akane (D.I.D)

Akane, vocalist of D.I.D. seems to have a turbulent life but still he’s willing to answer your questions, since he’s just some days ago opened an account!

Now you can to ask him questions in Japanese or English (max 300 characters) at following page: Akana (D.I.D)

Pleae don’t ask rude questions…! ^^ <3


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D.I.D. (until the Day I Die)

Debut: July 7th 2012

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Vocal: Akane (茜)
Vocal: Akane (茜)
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Guitar: Tohma (叶真)
Guitar: Tohma (叶真)
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Bass: Shou (翔)
Bass: Shou (翔)
template-cakeJune 22nd
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Drums: Issei (壱世)
Drums: Issei (壱世)
template-cakeOct 21st
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Member History

  • Vo. Akane →  julius → Para:noir → D.I.D.
  • Gt. Tohma → dolore → chariots(support) → D.I.D.
  • Ba. Shou →  ZEXER(Dr.→Ba.→Dr.) → Para:noir(Ba.) → D.I.D.
  • Dr. Issei →  Saya → HATED, Amulet*(support) → Harvey → (V-Family→freesia) → Shin sekai → Neo → 2the DISCOLAND(tekede) → D.I.D.(support/Issei) → D.I.D.

Former members:

  • Gt. Satoshi → fizz → retort → Para:noir(Satoshi) → D.I.D.(Satoshi)→  DOAK(Satoshi) → LACK-CO. 
  • Dr. takeshi D.I.D. → [retired] 

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