“hiniku na tane no hikutsu na me” by Kuroyuri to Kage (Album digest + details)

Kuroyuri to Kage will release a full album titled “hiniku na tane no hikutsu na me” (皮肉な種の卑屈な芽。) on February 11th!
You can listen to a sample of each song in the video below!

Album: hiniku na tane no hikutsu na me
Release date: Feb 11th 2015
[CD] Tracks:
1. 「yokusou」 ~introduction (「浴槽」 ~introduction)
2. kimi no kusuriyubi wa boku no stew (キミの薬指はボクのシチュー。)
3. tokage (蜥蜴-トカゲ)
4. chihiro-chan no gankyuuname (チヒロちゃんの眼球舐め)
5. sore wa kisoku tadashii fuminshou (それは規則正しい不眠症)
6. gichigichi ( ギチギチ)
7. yokohama merry ( ヨコハマメリー。)
8. child mother ( チャイルドマザー)
9. hitorizakura ( ひとり桜)
10. 「gesshoku」 (「月蝕」)
11. enogumamire ( 絵の具まみれ)
12. hesonoo ( へその緒)
13. 「misui」 (「未遂」)
14. dangai jigoku nodowa otoshi (断崖地獄喉輪落とし)
[DVD] Tracks:
1. 「yokusou」 (「浴槽」)
2. 「gesshoku」 (「月蝕」)

Preorder CD from CDJapan (the link doesn’t say anything about the DVD)

Kuroyuri to Kage

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Kuroyuri to Kage (黒百合と影)

Debut: August 17 2014

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Karasuna Mei (鳴)
Vocal: Karasuna Mei (鳴)
template-cakeApril 27th
Kuro (黒)
Guitar: Kuro  (黒)
template-cakeSept 22nd
Koyomi (こよみ)
Guitar: Koyami (こよみ)
template-cakeMarch 24th
Bass: K
template-cakeSept 22nd
Mutsuki (夢月)
Drums: Mutsuki (夢月)

Member History

Support members:

  • Dr. Yuu → palette (support) → kazari→ Dew(support) → DyIng messagE → Kimi wa surudoku(support), 6→7(support), JyuLie(support), Re^ve(support), Cardinal(support) → Kimi wa surudoku(support), SeaR/Lene(support) → Kuroyuri to kage(support), Betty(support), ZAKLIA(support), VABEL(support) → ?

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