Pottya – a chubby girls’ band

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of them on the web lately and they get a lot of attention now. This is Pottya.
It’s a new Japanese girl-band that features “plus sized” women, also called BBW (Big Beautiful Women). That’s at least what they call it themselves.

I don’t know what I think about this to be honest, one part of me don’t like that all focus is put on their weight and not on their music. But it seems to be an important part of their concept, and when the manager Takeo Kobiyashi held auditions for the group last year, one of his requirements was that they had to chubby.

He said:
“The five of them have to keep up their current weight. If they get too skinny, they’ll automatically be withdrawn from the group.”

One of the girls in the band:
“I used to have a complex about being chubby. When Pottya’s activities began, I gradually found confidence in myself. I want to show my spirit and courage for those who have had the same complex about their weight,” group leader Nagisa Kinashi said.

Pottya will release their first singe titled “Po Po Po Pocha Rinko ☆” on January 29th.
Have a look on Pottya Official Webpage


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