“Kisu no hosoku” by Pastel Holic (PV short version + single details

Pastel Holic will release their very first single since joining POP☆UNITED. It’s titled “Kiss no Housoku” (キスの法則) and will be released on March 18th.

Single: Kiss no Housoku (キスの法則)
Release date: March 18th 2015
1. Kiss no Housoku (キスの法則)
2. Secret orange
3. Saiaisenritsu (最愛旋律)- Dearest Melody-(Re-recording)

If you’ll attend to their live “Honey no Housoku (ハニーの法則)” at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on March 10th, you will be able to buy the CD earlier.

You’ll get some news in the video below, as well as some extra glimpses from the music video “Kisu no hosoku”!

Pastel Holic

Pastel Holic (パスホリ)

Debut: Dec 13th 2010
Disband: January 29th 2017

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Vocal: Taki
Vocals: Taki | Pastel Holic
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Guitar: Kanata
Guitar: Kanata (かなた。) | Pastel Holic
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Bass: Inori
Bass: Inori (祈里)
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Drums: SATsuki | Pastel Holic
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Member History

Former members:

  • Gt. Miyu. → ゆめなで → Pastel Holic → ?
  • Ba. pirori → Pastel Holic→  閃-hirameki-(support), Mu☆Mu(support) → 閃-hirameki-(tokyo taro), Mu☆Mu(support), 2nd awake(pirorin) → ?

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