“Ikaiyou to rusou no sakkaku” by DEZERT (Full PV)

This is a really nice song by DEZERT. I really like it.

“Ikaiyou to rusou no sakkaku” (胃潰瘍とルソーの錯覚) is included in DEZERT’s album “No Title”. I know, weird name. It was titled “Outo ni kansuru chokugo” first, but then it got changed.
Anyway,  the music video used to be a part of it too, but did actually get banned. That’s what it says on their homepage, but I actually don’t know why that happened.

If you like this, please buy the album!
No Title by DESERT (Limited Edition)
No Title by DESERT (Regular Edition)

No Title | DEZERT

Album: No Title
Release date: Nov 12th 2014
1. —-
2. Outo
3. Satsui
4. infection
5. Ikaiyou to Rousseau no Sakkaku
6. Gishi
7. Saa Milk wo Nomimashou.
8. Keibetsu
9. doze.
10. Noukanshounen
11. Kyouiku
12. 26ji no Reitouko


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Debut: September 2011

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Vocal: Chiaki (千秋)
Vocal: Chiaki (千秋) | DEZERT
template-cakeMarch 3rd
Guitar: Kira (キラ)
Guitar: Kira (キラ) | DEZERT
template-cakeSept 12th
Bass: SaZ
Bass: SaZ | DEZERT
template-cakeOct 28th
Drums: SORA
template-cakeJune 22nd

Member History

  • Vo. Chiaki → ユキライン! → (ワン≠パス) → 【1≠password】→ Acid Cherry King(一ノ瀬千秋)→DEZERT(千秋)
  • Gt. Kira → Acid Cherry King→DEZERT
  • Ba. SaZ → ExSARIEL → (G.L.S.T)(SAZUKI) → Acid Cherry King(SaZ)→DEZERT
  • Dr. SORA → Sacrifice → XodiacK → XodiacK(楓) → DEZERT(SORA)

Former members:

  • Dr. TETSURO → RED → Amaranth → (Acid Cherry King)→DEZERT(サポート) → MIL

Support members:

  • Dr. tetsurou → RED → Amaranth → Tokyo shitei(support) → SaT(support), Rivet(support) → DEZERT(support), ASTRO BOY(support), Ziggrat(support), RoNo☆Cro(support) → カレハダイスキー(support) → カレハダイスキー(support), ReViel(support) → LakuGaki(support), MIL → Gretel(support), SRASH NOTES GARDEN(support), Li’call(support), The Rem(support), LAgtime (support) → Gretel(support), SRASH NOTES GARDEN(support), Li’call(support), DissIDear(support) 


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