“unfil” by Anfiel (Full PV)

This is a really fresh band which hasn’t even had its debut yet! Anfiel’s debut live will be at Ikebukuro EDGE on January 22nd. ^^ That’s also the date on which they will release their very first single “destin”.

I really like shougo’s singing voice and I can’t wait to hear more of them! If you like it too, please have a look at the band details below!

Anfiel (アンフィル)


Band: Anfiel (アンフィル)
Debut: January 22nd 2015


Vocal: shougo (翔梧) Guitar: yukito Guitar: mizuki (未月) Bass: natsume (棗) Drums: hal (ハル)
Vocal: shougo (翔梧) Guitar: yukito Guitar: mizuki (未月) Bass: natsume (棗) Drums: hal (ハル)

Anfiel Official Webpage
Anfiel Official Facebook
Anfiel Official Twitter
Anfiel Official YouTube

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Anfiel (アンフィル)

Member History

  • Vo. shougo → gomamelon, faice → gomame rock, AnfielAnfiel 
  • Gt. yukito → Resist → gomame rock, AnfielAnfiel
  • Gt. mizuki → Gris Neige → MAVERICK → NovA → gomame rock, AnfielAnfiel
  • Ba. natsume → faice(yu-na) → gomame rock, AnfielAnfiel
  • Dr. hal → Resist → gomame rock → gomame rock, AnfielAnfiel
Blog Twitter Blood-type Birthday
shougo shougo shougo: AB shougo: Oct 5th
yukito yukito yukito: A yukito: Oct 27th
mizuki mizuki mizuki: A mizuki: Sep 30th
natsume natsume natsume: AB natsume: Nov 2nd
hal hal hal: O hal: July 15th

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