“Futten wo koeta” by METIBILL (single digest + details)

The girls in METIBILL will release their 2nd maxi-single “Futten wo koeta” (沸点を超えた) on January 24th! You can listen to a sample of each song in the video below!

Single Title: “Futten wo koeta” (沸点を超えた)
Release date:
January 24th 2015

1. futten wo koeta (沸点を超えた)
2. torabasami (トラバサミ)
3. kumorizora no asahi (くもりぞらの朝日)

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METIBILL (めてぃびる。)

First release: May 14th 2014
Note: METIBILL is a Japanese girl-rock band.

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Vocal, Guitar &
Programming: touhon (闘翻)
Vocal, Guitar &Programming: touhon (闘翻)
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Vocal & Guitar:
uki (うき)
Vocal & Guitar: uki (うき)
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Bass & screams:
lucu (ルク)
Bass & screams: lucu (ルク)
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Member History

  • Vo&Gt. touhon → TONE[+]PUZLE 2 → METIBILL
  • Vo&Gt. uki → TONE[+]PUZLE 2 → METIBILL
  • Ba. lucu → TONE[+]PUZLE 2 → METIBILL

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