The DEATHGAZE gig in Cologne at MTC! (personal)

Concert date: December 13th 2014.

My body is aching and I can hardly move my neck. It will probably be worse the two upcoming days. But it’s OK. It means that I’ve been on a really great concert. Actually, it was one of the best I’ve ever been to.

Usually I go to concerts oversea alone, but this time I was accompanied by my friend Y which really gladdens me. It’s boring to go alone. And this time the gig was in Cologne, one of my favorite concert-cities.

I saw DEATHGAZE in Germany last year too, at Headrcrash in Hamburg.
The Deathgaze gig in Hamburg at Headcrash!

Deathgaze (photo from this night, not taken by me)It was their 10th anniversary and the tour was titled “THE END OF LAST DECADE”. This tour was called “DEATH WORLD” and it would be my last chance to see them, since they will go on indefinite hiatus soon. I believe their last gig will be in Japan on December 23rd. I wonder what they will do after that… This was their last concert oversea…

When we arrived to the venue, MTC, people were already in line. Well, maybe not in a line, everybody was standing in a messy group and there was no distinction between VIP and regular visitors. I met some German people that I know from before and that was really nice. I expected to meet more people that I know from Facebook, but unfortunately I couldn’t recognize them. If you read this and recognize me at any concert in Germany, please say “hello”. 🙂

We who had VIP-ticket could enter one hour earlier than the others. First stop was the merchandize table. I bought a memorial book from their last oversea tour, signed by every member.

Doesn’t Ai’s “cat-autograph” look cute? ^^


I also bought a bag, a charm and a photo-set (because I thought there would be a signing session, but apparently I was wrong). The charm had the words “ I’d rather die on my feet than keep living on my knees.” It’s a motto I can relate to.


Then it was time for meet and greet and to my anguish, I got starstrucked and couldn’t find anything interesting or cool to say. I simply told them how grateful I was while shaking their hands. Both Ai and Kosuke pointed out my pink hair. I pointed out that Kosuke had kind of pink hair too. Ai’s hair was black this time, not blond as last tour.
The concert was sold out and when all fans had been let in, it was full house. It seemed like the last ones were standing quite far away from the stage, along with the bar. MTC is not a very big venue. But I believe we must have been several hundred in there.

The concert started and they all came out on stage. Ai drank from a bottle of beer and sprayed it over us from his mouth. Me and Y got a spot on third row in front of Ai. I believe we got one of the best views. The stage was low and there was no crush-barrier in between us and the band, so being too close would limit the overview. We were also close enough to reach Ai if we wanted to.
I have no pictures from this concert, since photos wasn’t allowed. Not an uncommon rule at Japanese concerts.

The first song was CREATURE, so the rocking and head-banging started directly. You can see the entire set-list in the end of this post. It was in total 22 songs and the concert was 2 hours long. All songs were heavy and most of them very fast, so it truly was an experience that challenged my endurance.

It was a perfect set-list for this kind of concert, since I’m usually not a fan of ballads, especially not at gigs. But I did miss some songs I really like, for example: GOD BLESS YOU, SEVENTH HEAVEN and THE UNDERWORLD.

We got pretty warm in the audience fast and the same seemed to be for the guys on stage. The drummer Naoki was soon sweating heavily.

This is a photo of Naoki from this concert in Cologne:

drummer Naoki

Me and Y had got some glow sticks from our friend R, so we were waving with them in the air. Ai grabbed Y’s stick and put it his mouth. At that point I thought: “How daring of Ai, he doesn’t know where that stick might have been.” Then I remember that Y actually did put the stick in his nose some minutes earlier. Oh gee, Ai… if you only knew… 😛

Not sure he would have cared though. DEATHGAZE’s image is pretty matcho and rough.

deathgazeOur friend R stood in first row, directly in front of Ai. I wonder how much view she did get during the concert ‘cause her face seemed to be in Ai’s crotch all the time. ^_- Since people were pushing from behind, she had to grab his thighs so she wouldn’t fall forwards. I think Ai might have considered that as a sexual act, since he started to push his crotch against her face and sometimes even grabbed her hair and forced her to it. It looked a bit weird from my spot, but I don’t think she minded.

We met two girls from Japan who were hardcore DEATHGAZE fans and that had come here all the way from Japan to follow DEATHAGZE on this tour. One of these girls was standing right in front of me and she was really tiny. I didn’t want to crush her, but people were pushing really hard from behind. I think I had to put a large amount of energy during the concert just trying to push them back. I really don’t like that kind of behavior. Otherwise, there was no turbulence in the crowd. People were rocking hard but there was no mosh-pitting, which I really hate. Sometimes I was about to trip, since people pushed too hard, mostly when Ai leaned over the crowd and people wanted to touch him. But my friend Y grabbed me and helped med stand steady. I’m very grateful for that.

That we all were soaked in sweat didn’t seem to be enough. Ai sprayed and poured both water and beer over our heads. When the fluid deficit started to get really tough, I think that I and some others started to get desperate. No care for bacteria or getting sick, we just closed our eyes and opened our mouths in hope to get some fluid in us. But when Ai let the crowd drink directly from his beer-bottle, I kept myself away. Ai’s germs are OK, but I don’t want the other fans spit in me. 😛 I’ve already been sick too much this year.

When I stood there, I suddenly got aware of how happy I was and how amazing this concert was. I felt true joy, and that’s an uncommon thing. I’m so glad that I actually went there.

Ruki from the GazettE likes to play with the microphone in a sexy way, that you may know. Ai seem to like to play with the microphone as well, but maybe in a less sexy way. 😛 Yes, he licked it, just like Ruki, but was literally rather drooling over it. Sometimes he put the entire mike in his mouth and stretched out his arms to the sides, glaring at us like a maniac. He looked really funny. At some points he drooled on the mike and started to smear the saliva around his mouth, on cheeks and chin, totally smearing away his mouth-makeup.

It was full speed and maximum energy all way through. But at one point they did some talking. They all told us that they liked to eat sushi. Especially salmon. Ok… hmm… ^_-

When the main part of the concert was over, we shouted for an encore. First it was the drummer who returned and he played a solo for us. Then the bassist joined and after a while even the guitarist. Last was Ai, who entered the stage with another bottle of beer. They were all wearing the tour t-shirt and some wrist-bands that they probably had got from a fan. They were pretty. Black and with their names written in glittering pink. Ai even wore some black cat-ears. Later it turned out that he had got them from a fan as well. We met her afterwards. She was actually Swedish, like us.

Ai posted a photo on Twitter in which he wears the cat-ears… ^^


Ai interacted a lot with his fans during this gig, which is always appreciated. He threw picks at us since he played the guitar himself during some songs. He encouraged us to scream and shake our heads.

In the end he wanted to crowd-surf… Fortunately he didn’t stage-dive, he rather leaned forward and just let us carry him away. It happened three times, but the second last attempt was a short ride for him since we were all exhausted and Ai is not directly a tiny Japanese. There were some kilos to carry and at some points I was afraid that we would drop him. ^_- But it was fun to be a part of his tumbling journey over our heads. Very last attempt was a failure though. We were not able to carry him all over again and actually pushed him back on stage. He just smiled at us though.

He also took a photo on us that ended up on Twitter. I got a guys arm right in my face though… *Grrrr*


When the concert was over I was both happy and sad. Sad because I didn’t want them to go. But relieved since I was exhausted and could kill for a glass of water. Ai’s last words to us were: “I like sushi”, and then, just before he left the stage, he turned back, smiled and said “See you again”. That gave me hope. I want them to come back. And when I looked at their faces during the concert, I could see that they were really happy and loved to be on that stage.

I was totally soaked afterwards. Later I noticed that my passport was drenched and wrinkled as well, even though I had it in a bag around my hips. I need to get a new one now…
But after this bath in sweat, spit and beer, we continued to enjoy the evening by having some beers at a pub, me, Y and two other Swedes that we happened to run into. We had a good time talking about the experience.

DEATHGAZE will be back. They have to. They had too much fun.

Thank you B7Klan for bringing them here!

The setlist:
7. forsaken
8. miscarriage
9. ディエス イレ
11. paranoid parade
13. Insult kiss me
14. domestic pig #1013
15. abyss
16. genocide and mass murder
22. 闇に雨 腐敗した世界

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Debut: July 2003
Hiatus: December 23rd 2014

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Vocal & Guitar:
Ai (藍)
Vocal & Guitar: Ai (藍)
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Takaki (貴樹)
Guitar: Takaki (貴樹)
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Kosuke (孝 介)
Bass: Kosuke (孝 介)
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Naoki (直樹)
Drums: Naoki (直樹)
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  • Gt. Naoto → otogi(keito) → creha∞zel, KeiL(support) → KeiL(NAOTO) → Anzen x pin → deathgaze → DEATHGAZE→ ?
  • Vo. Sou → Be≒Luna → deathgaze, Knohhoso → [retired]
  • Gt. Kanna → Lapiaqilyze(Vo.響) → deathgaze(Gt.Kanna) → PuppetMammy → Holic → [retired]

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  1. Bra recension, jag var själv på spelningen i Paris och det var nog en av dom bästa konserter jag varit på. Jag har en jätteudda fråga. Har du lust att sälja den signerade fotoboken? Jag har samma bok, dock osignerad och du kan få en ganska bra mellanskillnad för bytet. 🙂 Du råkar inte ha en t-shirt från deras europaturné 2013, jag söker desperat efter det också? 😛

    • Jag tittade på boken häromdagen och kände mig glad över autograferna så tyvvärr kommer jag nog inte vilja sälja dem. 🙂 Har inte heller någon t-shirt från 2013. Men lycka till med sökandet!

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