An Cafe message for XENON opening (Eng. subtitles)

This is An Cafe’s congratulation message video for the Opening of Xenon Los Angeles (Official Cure Magazine Shop) .

An Cafe message for XENON opening


Band: An Cafe
Formed: 2003


Vocal: Miku (みく) (An Cafe) Guitar: Takuya (たくや) (An Cafe) Bass: Kanon (カノン) (An Cafe) Keyboard: Yuuki (ゆうき) (An Cafe) Drums: Teruki (輝喜) (An Cafe)
Vocal: Miku
Guitar: Takuya
Bass: Kanon
Keyboard: Yuuki
Drums: Teruki

An Cafe Official Webpage
An Cafe Official Facebook
An Cafe Official Twitter

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An Cafe

Twitter Bloodtypes Birthday
Miku Miku: A Miku: Jan 5th 1984
Takuya Takuya: A Takuya: Feb 9th
Kanon Kanon: O Kanon: July 5th 1984
Yuuki Yuuki: A Yuuki: Aug 29th
Teruki Teruki: A Teruki: Dec 8th 1980

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  1. I’m really excited to have Xennon so close (only 920 Miles)Also new club in LA Tune in Tokyo Club. I hope to get out there in early spring to check out some galleries for my artwork and hope I can catch a good show while there. My radio show Tune In Tokyo – TS Calling is going well, I am getting some positive response. People have no idea but are very open to it. This weekend I am playing all K-pop and next weekend Early Visual Kei with X Japan, Malice Miser up to Versallies and Jupiter. After that I will do a show on non-Japanese Visual Kei like Cristillion, Yohyo, Die/May, Madaar? Lolita Dark (from LA, check them out) and what ever else I can come up with. My time slot is now permanent on Saturday 4-6 Mnt. Time witch is 12 Midnight in most of Europe and 8 AM Sunday. Thanks fr all your information and blogs.

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