This is a PEN. interview with JaME Finland

Used with permission from Nyanko Scandal Factory

Author: JaME Suomi
Translator: Jessica Öjermalm

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This is a PEN.

Please, could you shortly introduce yourself to our readers and to describe your music for those who yet are not familiar with you?
Hello! This is KEITO, MASAKI and Wotakufighter from the trio rock band This is a PEN. !
We are making music that incorporates various rock genres.

How will you spend Christmas 2014?
Hmm, how to spend… it’s still not decided.
It would be nice to make a voice live at “Nico nico douga”.

What are your plans for the year 2015?
We want 2015 to become a one year progress. Because there are many songs that are finished and recorded that we would like to release quick.

What place in Japan you would recommend to spend Christmas?
Overseas, there is a tendency to spend Christmas with family. In Japan it’s recognized as a time for lovers, to spend with your boy- or girlfriend. So the street has been wrapped in illumination.
We personally recommend Odaiba. I think everything; the sea, illumination, amusement and restaurants, is in place and I think that it is to enjoy Christmas.

What is your best memory from this year?
This is a PEN. was born.
The formal startup was on December 21’st, but to become a band that’s going to go a long way , it’s an everyday trial and error. This is a PEN. made it this far.

KEITO joined This is a PEN.

It’s our best memories…

This is a PEN. (ディスイズアペン)

Debut: December 21st 2013

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Vocal: KEITO
Vocal: KEITO (This is a PEN.)
template-cakeMarch 12th
Guitar: Wotakufighter
Guitar: Wotakufighter (This is a PEN.)
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Drums & piano: Akaiwa Masaki
Drums & Piano: Akaiwa Masaki (This is a PEN.)
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