Scarlet Valse live DVD “Remind of Secret Eden” (details)

Source: Starwave Records

Scarlet Valse live DVD “Remind of Secret Eden” will be on sale January 14, 2015!

Scarlet Valse

A DVD of footage from Scarlet Valse’s third anniversary oneman live at Ikebukuro CYBER on September 22, 2014! The live setlist was comprised of tracks from their first full album, “-GENESIS-“, which was released for pre-sale at the show. A special version music video of the popular song “Agehachou no Yume” is included as a bonus track. Get ready for a glimpse of the origins and true nature of Scarlet Valse!

December 3, 2014
On sale at live venues

January 14, 2015
On sale in stores Disc number: SWSV-2

Scarlet Valse live DVD "Remind of Secret Eden"

DVD Playlist:
01. Prelude
02. Secret Eden
03. The Name of Valse
04. Shounen-Prostitution Actor-
05. CopyCat
06. Larme
07. WILL
08. Road of the Dream
09. No.6
10. Rose Cruel Scar
11. Agehachou no Yume
12. Secret Eden
13. Agehachou no Yume (Bonus Track)

Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 3,800yen (tax in)
Limit 300 copies


December 3rd, 2014 (wed) Ikebukuro EDGE
Scarlet Valse 7th one-man
TOUR -GENESIS- FINAL & Jun Birthday “GENESIS of Valse” Starwave Records presents

OPEN: 18:00 / START 18:30
Adv ¥ 3,000 / Door ¥ 3,500

A ticket: Scarlet Valse live show booth
B ticket: E plus
C ticket: band email reservation
D ticket: Door


Band: Scarlet Valse
Formed: 2011


Vocal: Kakeru Guitar: You. Guitar: Jun Bass: Takuya Drums: Hiroki
Vocal: Kakeru Guitar: You Guitar: Jun Bass: Takuya Drums: Hiroki

Scarlet Valse Official Webpage
Scarlet Valse Official Facebook
Scarlet Valse Official Twitter
Scarlet Valse Official MySpace
Scarlet Valse Official YouTube Channel
Scarlet Valse Official Online Shop:

Other posts about Scarlet Valse on my blog
Scarlet Valse

Blog Twitter Fan-mail Bloodtype Birthday
Kakeru Kakeru Kakeru Kakeru: AB Kakeru: July 12th
You You  You You: O You: Jan 21st
Jun Jun  Jun Jun: B Jun: Dec 15th
Takuya Takuya  Takuya Takuya: AB Takuya: Oct 25th
Hiroki Hiroki  Hiroki Hiroki: A Hiroki: May 3rd

Member History

  • Vo. Kakeru → Sephiroth → バル, 鹿鳴戦隊, KKR Project → Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse
  • Gt. You → Setsuna → RAPT → Bang-Doll → Sylphy → ☆Yokohama Bay Rock Stars☆, Rail Tracer(support) → ☆Yokohama Bay Rock Stars☆, Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse
  • Gt. Jun → Rail Tracer(support) → Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse
  • Ba. Takuya → Atelier → Spider lily(support) → Spider lily → nijiiro gekka → nijiiro gekka(Takuya), Fukumoka(collon) → Fukumoka(collon), Lauder(Takuya) → Louder → Scarlet Valse
  • Dr. Hiroki → BADGE-X → Setsuna → Bang-Doll → BADGE-X, Rail Tracer(support) → Scarlet Valse → ?

Former members:

  • Ba. I → Fantom → BALSE, Fantom(support) → BALSE, FANTOM(support), Rail Tracer → Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse→  ?
  • Dr. BANZON Scarlet Valse → [left due to major health problems]

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