LIMITED DEALS: OROCHI ticket campaigns! (Miyabi Japan Story)

For all of you who live close enough, I hope you won’t miss OROCHI‘s performance at the Swedish Japanese Festival Miyabi Japan Story!

Now there’s 3 special deals regarding the tickets! This campaign is limited, so grab your chance!

Orochi Ryu


Deal 1:
This deal is called OROCHI PASS on the ticket page and it gives you the opportunity to buy the pass for reduced price: 150 SEK (original price 270 SEK).

Deal 2:
This deal is called Orochi option on the ticket page. If you buy the “Festival pass/MIYABI pass” and add “OROCHI option” for 50 SEK, then you can attend the rest of the festival AND see OROCHI live for this very beneficial price.

Deal 3:
This deal is the Nyanko Scandal Factory Offer.
Buy OROCHI PASS for 150 SEK and mail to with subject “NYANKO”. That will give you ONE EXTRA TICKET FOR FREE! ^^ A nice present for a friend right?
This deal can not be combined with other ticket options.

All deals include following OROCHI events:

  • Live show: 29. NOV. 19:30
  • Makeup session: 30. NOV. 13:10
  • Signing session: 30. NOV. 15:00

And here is where you  buy your tickets:

Join the Orochi Event on Facebook
Join the Japan Story Event on Facebook

Miyabi Japan Story

About Miyabi Japan Story

Date: November 29th 2014
City: Stockholm, Sweden


Miyabi is a festival which celebrates Japanese art in all forms; films, food, music, craft techniques, art, calligraphy, comics and games etc. We also bring in the sense of ordinary Japanese life into the festival, a taken for granted tradition and custom, and modern techniques celebrated in Japan by Japanese.
It is a weekend filled with shows, workshops and exhibitions by Japanese artists. Some first time performances outside Japan, some via collaboration with Swedish counterparts. Through the unique workshops, you will touch and experience the art first hand. It will be a base to enjoy, learn and discover!

Festival is brought to you by organization Impact. Our mission is space creation for development of creativeness and idea exchange, a center of inclusion and respect.



After two European tours with a total of 32 concerts in 22 countries it’s FINALLY time for OROCHI to come to Sweden and Stockholm! OROCHI use various of instruments to create an exciting mix of traditional Japanese sound and modern rock.

For more information, visit:
MIYABI: Japan Story Webpage


OROCHI is the deep rooted myth and thrill of Japan.

The story tells that once upon a time, there was a dragon called Yamatano Orochi. Its eyes were red like boiling blood and had eight heads and eight tails with the length of eight valleys.

Every year, this monster took a beautiful virgin from a village as a sacrifice. A samurai called Susanoo heard this tragedy; he fought Orochi and slew its eight heads apart. His spirit became immortal and his strength was given to four young samurais, who control the Land of Sun since the year 16.


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Formed: 2004
Member: RYU

template-cakeMarch 30th

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Member History

Former members:

Support members:

  • Gt. Yuichiro Kimura areas, OROCHI(support/ranmaru)
  • Support Dr. taji → Night baLon(taji) → Giglle(tajiro) → 山葵-WASABI-(kz) → (THE 三軒隣人) → NUMBER ST@R(****) → DROSERA OBLAAT.(support) → Louder(support), OROCHI(support), Bijo♂Men Z(support) → AUTO-MOD(Taji), HuV(support), RovimenZ(support), OROCHI(support), Bijo♂Men Z(support) , Insanity Injection(support)
  • Vo. SUGAR → Otori session → OROCHI(support) → batsu game(Key.rinrin) → LAZAROUS(Vo.SUGAR)

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