teruteruchan with otoiroha (Single CM)

Did you use to be a Ray°C fan?

After the disbandment of Ray°C, the members formed a new band called otoiroha (オトイロハ). It’s titled “teruteruchan” (てるてるちゃん) and will be released on December 3rd!

1. teruteruchan (てるてるちゃん)
2. Christmas Rose
3. Draw the Future
4. DeltaΔ (limited edition only)

And here’s a preview!

otoria (オトイロハ


Band: Otoiroha
Formed: 2014
Disband: May 30th 2015
Note: All members used to be members of Ray℃.


Vocal: Aiku Sasaki (佐々木愛玖) Guitar: Bitoya Bass: Naoya (高原直也)
Vocal: Aiku Sasaki (佐々木愛玖) Guitar: Bitoya Bass: Naoya (高原直也)

Otoiroha Official Webpage
Otoiroha Official Facebook
Otoiroha Official Twitter
Otoiroha Official YouTube

Other post about Otoiroha on my blog:

Blog Twitter Blood-type Birthday
Aiku Sasaki Aiku Sasaki Aiku Sasaki: O Aiku Sasaki: Aug 20th
Bitoya Bitoya Bitoya: B Bitoya: Feb 20th
Naoya Naoya Naoya: B Naoya: Aug 13th

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