tezya Interview with JaME Sweden

Used with permission from Nyanko Scandal Factory

Writer: Leila
Translator: Jessica Öjermalm

See original interview at JaME Sweden


It’s been a bit over a year since last time you played in Sweden, how does it feel to come back?
tezya: tezya: Sweden is not the only country that I will revisit this time, I’m happy. The nature was very beautiful in the town I visited last year, the people was gentle, a really nice place. This time I’m looking forward to the opportunity to experience a variety of urban and unique culture in Stockholm.

Why did you decide to come back a second time?
tezya: Last live I was welcomed towards the fans, but I thought that to deeply enjoy and understand my music you must watch the live many times.

What can the audience expect from your performance?
tezya: That I only perform with passion. I want the audience to enjoy freedom.

Are there anything special you want to do or experience in Sweden while you’re here?
tezya: Also this time, I don’t stay long in Sweden, but I want to walk the streets and feel the atmosphere of Sweden while drinking somewhere.

Do you have any special memory from any of your gigs you could share with the readers of JaME?
tezya: There is a wonderful memory to each live and country, something conveying might happen during this tour. (lol)

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Sweden”?
tezya: Good quality pop music and nice furniture design.

In November you’ll participate in the event Hope And Live ~ HIV/AIDS治療支援ベネフィット・コンサート2014, could you please tell us a bit more about that event?
tezya: Same event took part last year, my reason for participating is that the founder of the event is an old friend of mine that got diagnosed with HIV. Because I thought that I wanted to give him some kind of support, it was agreed that the content of the event was being donated for his treatment. I think that there is a lot of prejudices and discrimination around HIV/AIDS born from wrong knowledge and lack of information within the public. I thought that if we can help to correct it, even only a little bit, it’s good.

Do you have any future plans you can share with us?
tezya: I gave the same answer in another interview with JaME but it has not been realized yet, I want to be able to announce my second album.
I want to have concerts in cities and countries where people never have seen me before.

Could you please leave a final message for JaME readers?
tezya: Thank you for reading this article!
I’m very happy to return to Sweden!
Both people who know and don’t know my music, please come and experience tezya live!
It will absolutely be entertaining!
I’m waiting at the venue!


tezya live in Sweden 2014

tezya will hold a live in Stockholm, Sweden, this year! Don’t miss this!

Date: November 10th 2014
Live start: 21.00
Entrance fee: 60 SEK
Venue: KGB Bar & Restaurant

Join the facebook event
More information at Nyanko Scandal Factory

tezya Swedish gig

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tezya at KGB, Stockholm Sweden, Nov 10th 2014

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