Haro’s new look!

Haro did recently post some new pictures of him on Facebook.
Haro who?
HARO! 🙂 The former vocalist in PLUNKLOCK and now current vocalist in Belle! 🙂

Haro (Belle)

Haro (Belle)


Band: BELLE (ベル)
Debut: 2014


Vocals: haro (ハロ) Guitar: yumehito (夢人) Bass: akiya (明弥) Drums: masato (正人)
Vocals: haro (ハロ) Guitar: yumehito (夢人) Bass: akiya (明弥) Drums: masato (正人)

BELLE Official Webpage

Other posts about BELLE on my blog

Member History

  • Vo. haro → レム(逢坂拓兎) → PLUNKLOCK(Haro) → Neverland(support) → (KAKASHI) → Belle
  • Gt. yumehito → HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ → soroban → ayabie(support) → ayabie(Gt.) → AYABIE(Vo.) → KAKASHI → Belle, Robin’s peace Bk.
  • Ba. akiya → Zipcy → Gizmo(support/aki) → AUBE(akiya) → Belle(Akiya)
  • Dr. masato → Cat fisT → CATFIST → KAKASHI → Belle
Blog Twitter Blood-type Birthday
haro haro haro: B haro: May 5th
yumehito yumehito yumehito: AB yumehito: Sep 22nd
akiya akiya akiya: A akiya: Feb 3rd
masato masato masato: B masato: Dec 3rd

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