OROCHI will release a new mini album!

OROCHI will release a new mini album on January 17th 2015 and it’s titled Jikuu Kouro (時空航路).

1. mangekyou (万華鏡)
2. akikaze (秋風)
3. haruka (ハルカ)
4. setsuna (刹那)
5. toki wo koete (時を越えて)

Jikuu Kouro | OROCHI

For those of you who lives in Sweden, I would like to recommend MIYABI: Japan Story, a Japanese festival in which OROCHI among else is guest. Don’t miss his performance!

What: a Japanese Festival – exhibition, workshop and show
When: last weekend of November 2014!
Where: Stockholm – Kulturhuset & Östasiatiska Museum (the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities)
Who for: everyone interested in Japanese art and culture


Event page on Nyanko Scandal Factory
MIYABI: Japan Story Official Webpage

Orochi Ryu will perform at MIYABI JAPAN STORY


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Formed: 2004
Member: RYU

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  • Gt. Yuichiro Kimura areas, OROCHI(support/ranmaru)
  • Support Dr. taji → Night baLon(taji) → Giglle(tajiro) → 山葵-WASABI-(kz) → (THE 三軒隣人) → NUMBER ST@R(****) → DROSERA OBLAAT.(support) → Louder(support), OROCHI(support), Bijo♂Men Z(support) → AUTO-MOD(Taji), HuV(support), RovimenZ(support), OROCHI(support), Bijo♂Men Z(support) , Insanity Injection(support)
  • Vo. SUGAR → Otori session → OROCHI(support) → batsu game(Key.rinrin) → LAZAROUS(Vo.SUGAR)

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