Nekome no hakushaku Wendy ni koi wo suru with LIPHLICH (PV preview + STUMP info)


LIPHLICH will release a new full album titled “STUMP+“ and will include songs from some of their already sold out albums.

The limited edition will only be available through mail order and will be released on October 29th. It comes with a bonus DVD with a PV for “猫目の伯爵ウェンディに恋をする” (Nekome no hakushaku Wendy ni koi wo suru).

The regular edition includes two CDs with 18 tracks and is released on November 5th.


  1. リフリッチがやってくる (LIPHLICH ga Yattekuru)
  2. 猫目の伯爵ウェンディに恋をする (Nekome no hakushaku Wendy ni koi wo suru)
  3. グルグル自慰行為 (Guruguru Jii Koui)
  4. 僕らの使い捨て音楽 (Bokura no tsukeisute ongaku)
  5. Recall
  6. 淫火 (In Hi)
  7. 嫌いじゃないが好きではない (Kiraijanai ga sukide wanai)
  8. メリーが嫌う午後の鐘 (Merry ga kirau gogo no kane)
  9. マディソン郡の橋の上で (Madison gun no hashi no uede)
  10. 航海の詩 (Koukai no uta)
  11. 淡いドロップ色の髪 (Awai Drop Iro no Kami)
  12. BABEL
  13. Thread of Salvation
  14. 雨模様 (Amemoyou)
  15. My Name Was
  16. ロストデカダン (Lost Decadent)
  17. Pink Parade Picture
  18. 浮世のはぐれ蝶 (Ukiyo no hagu re cho)

Nekome no hakushaku Wendy ni koi wo suru with Liphlich (PV preview)


Formed: 2010


Kuga Shingo (久我新悟) (LIPHLICH)

Arai Takayuki (新井崇之) (LIPHLICH)

Shindo Wataru (進藤渉) (LIPHLICH)

Maruyama Eiki (丸山英紀) (LIPHLICH)

Kuga Shingo
Arai Takayuki
Shindo Wataru
Maruyama Eiki

LIPHLICH Official Webpage
LIPHLICH Official Blog
LIPHLICH Official Youtube Channel

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Twitter Birthday
Kuga Kuga: Dec 10th
Arai Arai Nov 23rd
Shindo Shindo: Aug 2nd
Maruyama Maruyama: Sep 18th

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