Maybe your last chance to see DEATHGAZE live!!!

Message from B7Klan:

“Good morning: You guys know DEATHGAZE will be on undetermined Pause after December 2014. Therefore we offered the band to have a last tour before Hiatus.

Shows and ticket info will be announced soon but we can already let you know they will perform 1 country in South America and 2 countries in Europe only!!

Don’t miss them before long long time.”


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Debut: July 2003
Hiatus: December 23rd 2014

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Vocal & Guitar:
Ai (藍)
Vocal: Ai (藍) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeAug 19th 1979
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Takaki (貴樹)
Guitar: Takaki (贵 树) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeJuly 6th
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Kosuke (孝 介)
Bass: Kosuke (孝 介) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeDec 15th
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Naoki (直樹)
Drums: Naoki (直树) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeNov 23rd
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Member History

Former members:

  • Vo. Hazuki → KUSSE → Berry → deathgaze→ deathgame → lynch. 
  • Gt. Naoto → otogi(keito) → creha∞zel, KeiL(support) → KeiL(NAOTO) → Anzen x pin → deathgaze → DEATHGAZE→ ?
  • Vo. Sou → Be≒Luna → deathgaze, Knohhoso → [retired]
  • Gt. Kanna → Lapiaqilyze(Vo.響) → deathgaze(Gt.Kanna) → PuppetMammy → Holic → [retired]

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