New band with members you may know!

Let’s welcome Develop One’s Faculties, formed by yuya and sora from cocklobin that disbanded in February. You may know the other members in the band as well:

Vocal & Guitar: yuya
Previous bands: Minerva, cocklobin

Guitar: rui
Previous bands: the Pumpkin Head, chemical pictures

Bass: detto
Previous bands: Eve, edogawa paradox (as raiha)

Drums: Johannes
Previous bands: CROW, ichigo69, mellow pinky, meth., cocklobin (as sora)

Develop One's Faculties

Develop One’s Faculties will hold their very first live on December 20th at Ikebukuro EDGE. Also look forward to their first single “frasco wo furu to tenbin yureta” (フラスコを振ると天秤揺れた).



Band: Develop One’s Faculties
Formed: 2014


Vocals: yuya Guitar: rui Bass: detto Drums: Johannes
Vocal: yuya Guitar: rui Bass: detto Drums: Johannes

Develop One’s Faculties Official Webpage
Develop One’s Faculties Official Twitter
Develop One’s Faculties Official YouTube

Other posts about Develop One’s Faculties on my blog
Develop One’s Faculties

Blog Twitter Birthday
yuya yuya: May 8th
rui rui: July 26th
detto detto detto: July 13th
Johannes Johannes: June 8th

Member History

  • Vo. yuya → Minerva(Vo.sin) → Schwein(support Gu.) → cocklobin(Gt.yuya) → Develop One’s Faculties(Vo.&Gu.)
  • Gt. rui → Claire → the Pumpkin Head → Chemical Pictures(rui→Kenta Hirai) → Develop One’s Faculties(rui)
  • Ba. detto → -Eve-(hideto) → ラジオ体操第二 → Taihai no Sora(hideto) → neon(support) → Cherry → Edogawa Paradox(raiha) → Develop One’s Faculties(detto)
  • Dr. Johannes → CROW!(璃和) → Ichigo69(sora) → Mellow Pinky → Jaguarー(support) → meth. → cocklobin → Develop One’s Faculties(Johannes)

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