DEATHGAZE goes on indefinite hiatus

Oh no…. 🙁

DEATHGAZE will go on indefinite hiatus. Please let them be back soon!

The reason behind it is that they feel that they have peaked, that they are not able to grow any more as a group.

Following message has been left on their website:

“Thank you all for all your support. This might be a bit sudden, but after our live on 23 December we will pause activities. We haven’t decided how long this will last yet.

Last year we celebrated our 10th anniversary. We’ve gone into our eleventh year now but it feels like with ‘ENIGMA’ we’ve done all that we can together. As we consider going forward, it seems like DEATHGAZE will not become any more than it is now.

To all our supportive fans and staff, we’re truly sorry that this has been decided so suddenly, but after many conversations about where we can go from ‘ENIGMA’, we feel that this is the best decision for now.

We will give our all in the remaining lives this year, so please continue to support us until the end.”

Translation: Shmilly

To me, it sounds like they actually gonna disband. But I truly hope not!

DEATHGAZE goes on indefinite hiatus


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Debut: July 2003
Hiatus: December 23rd 2014

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Vocal & Guitar:
Ai (藍)
Vocal: Ai (藍) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeAug 19th 1979
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Takaki (貴樹)
Guitar: Takaki (贵 树) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeJuly 6th
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Kosuke (孝 介)
Bass: Kosuke (孝 介) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeDec 15th
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Naoki (直樹)
Drums: Naoki (直树) (DEATHGAZE)
template-cakeNov 23rd
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Member History

Former members:

  • Vo. Hazuki → KUSSE → Berry → deathgaze→ deathgame → lynch. 
  • Gt. Naoto → otogi(keito) → creha∞zel, KeiL(support) → KeiL(NAOTO) → Anzen x pin → deathgaze → DEATHGAZE→ ?
  • Vo. Sou → Be≒Luna → deathgaze, Knohhoso → [retired]
  • Gt. Kanna → Lapiaqilyze(Vo.響) → deathgaze(Gt.Kanna) → PuppetMammy → Holic → [retired]

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