BANG ME with Shounenki (PV preview)

BANG ME with Shounenki


Band: Shounenki (少年記)
Formed: September, 2011


Vocals: Kou (コウ) Guitar: Nao Guitar: eiki Bass: Rei (怜)
Kou (コウ)
Rei (怜)

Shounenki Official Webpage
Shounenki Official Twitter
Shounenki Official Facebook
Shounenki Official Youtube Channel

Other posts about Shounenki on my blog

Blog Twitter Facebook Bloodtype Birthday
Kou Kou Kou Kou: – Kou: March 14th
Nao Nao Nao: O Nao: Jan 29th
eiki eiki eiki: O eiki: Dec 20th
Rei Rei Rei: A Rei: Sep 19th

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  1. Hiii, this is my first comment on your blog. I come often to check the news but I never left a comment, what a shame (now it’s done :-3).

    About Shounenki, I’m really excited about this release. This band is really particular, their songs are not like the others (there is a special ambiance, idk if you get me), plus I love the singer so much. I mean, he does not have a special voice but he has a little something whose captivates me. :D)
    That’s it.

    Keep going your hard work ! xx

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