V.I.P – What happend in Europe??

V.I.P started his activity in May 2014 and it’s the solo works of the Japanese vocalist and composer Hiroaki Nakashima.

Since 2011 has Hiroaki also been the vocalist and songwriter for the Japanese rock duo I-ai- who was on their first European tour in January 2014. V.I.P stands for “Vocalist I-ai- Project”.

V.I.P | Hiroaki Nakashima

This time it was V.I.P’s turn to enter European stage for the first time and his debut took place in Sweden.

Concerts was held in Stockholm (August 29th) and Uppsala (August 30th) and it was two amazing shows in which we could hear new songs by V.I.P, such as WE ARE ONE, SOMA, MARIA etc. He also created two special songs for the swedish fans; “Tack så mycket” and “Hej”. A funny initiative I must say!

3.Sweet Butterfly
4.SOMA -English-
5.SOMA -Japanease and Greece –
7.Christian Rose
9.Tack så mycket (“Thank you very much” – special song for Swedish fans)
10.Hej (“Hello” – special song for Swedish fans, in Uppsala only)

Photos from Stockholm live

More pictures: Gallery: V.I.P Aug 29th 2014 Stockholm, Sweden

Photos from Uppsala live (PeppCon)

PeppCon is a Swedish Japan convention. As you can see here, V.I.P wore a Japanese yukata.
More pictures: Gallery: V.I.P Aug 30th 2014 Uppsala, Sweden

During V.I.P’s stay in Sweden he had time to experience a lot of stuff. If you follow Hiroaki Nakashima or V.I.P on Facebook, you will be able to see a lot of personal photos from his activities.

V.I.P | Hiroaki Nakashima

Hiroaki won a giant piece of chocolate at the Swedish amusement park “Gröna Lund”.

Hiroaki won a giant piece of chocolate at the Swedish amusement park "Gröna Lund".

The music video for V.I.P’s songs “WE AE ONE” was recorded in Stockholm and will be produced by Endigo. I can’t wait to see the result!

V.I.P | Hiroaki Nakashima

V.I.P recording of WE ARE ONE

V.I.P was also guest in one of NANDA’s Live streams. Click the picture below to watch!

NANDA Livestream

V.I.P is certainly an extremely talented musician that I want to see more of and I recommend everybody to listen to his fist single “WE ARE ONE/SOMA”:

S O M A (August 11th 2014)
S O M A (English Special Version) (August 11th 2014)
We Are One (August 11th 2014)

Keep your eyes open, because I have this feeling that more exciting news are on it’s way….!

V.I.P is here to stay!!!


V.I.P | Hiroaki NakashimaSolo project: V.I.P
Artist: Hiroaki Nakashima
Other bands: I -ai- (I -アイ-)
Birthday: Dec 29th 1978
Bloodtype: O

V.I.P Official Webpage

I – ai-
I -ai- Official Website
I -ai- on Facebook
I -ai- on Twitter
I -ai- Official Fanpage on Facebook
I -ai- Official Youtube Channel

Other posts about V.I.P on my blog

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