Japanese Indie Piano Rock Band, YELLOW STUDS, 2 Albums over the World + World Debut Movie in Germany, 20th August

Article by Junichi Tanaka

YELLOW STUDS《L⇔R》 Taichi Nomura (Key.& Vo.), Takayuki Okudaira (Gt.), Hiroki Tanaka (Dr.),
Daisuke Ueda (Ba.&Cho.) & Ryohei Nomura (Gt.&Cho.)

YELLOW STUDS are a Japanese, indie, piano, jazz, garage, blues, rock band based in Tokyo, who constantly perform at venues in the country. What makes this band even more unique is the vocalist Taichi Nomura’s rare, husky voice. They, who have already released 7 albums in Japan, 1 album in the other areas on the globe, currently on a one man tour throughout Japan with its first gig quickly sold out, are now about to come out with 2 albums all over the world and screen their world debut movie in Berlin, Germany on the same day 20th August.

World Debut Movie trailer

[shower] 5th album. Original Japan release: 11th January 2012

[shower] YELLOW STUDS1. ロック / Rock
2. 言葉にならない / inarticulate
3. ヤモリ / Gecko
4. 竹とんぼ / Bamboo-copter
5. カナリヤ / Canary
6. 赤いレスポール / Red Les Paul
7. 馬鹿が悲しい顔をしている / A fool is looking sad
8. 8
9. D
10. 10分前 / 10min left
11. 言えよ / Say it
12. マスイ / Anesthesia
13. 何でもない唄 / A good-for-nothing song
14. ラブホテル / Love Hotel

[curtain] 6th album. Original Japan release: 5th December 2012

[curtain] YELLOW STUDS1. オーディエンス / Audience
2. 鳴らせ / Beat out
3. タイムマシーン / Time Machine
4. ライブハウス / Live Venue
5. さえずり / Chirp
6. サイレース / Silece
7. カラス / Crow
8. ブレーキ / BRAKE https://vimeo.com/103236872 -MV (English sub)-
9. ブラックリバー / Black River
10. おたまじゃくし / Tadpoles
11. 灰色の街 / Grey colored town
12. バード / Bird
13. 晴れろや / Be sunny

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2003 – Band formed.
2004 – 1st mini album “震度7 / Intensity 7” released in Japan, 500 copies sold out.
2006– 2nd album “離陸 / Take-off” released in Japan, over 1,000 copies sold out.
2007 – 3rd album “伝言 / Message” released in Japan, over 3,000 copies sold out, rank 7th on Tower Record Indie chart.
2008– 4th album “三年経過 / 3 Years Later” released in Japan, over 3,000 copies sold out.
– MV “バード / BIRD” aired on TV Tokyo.
2009– Rank no.1 on HMV ringtone, 4 consecutive weeks.
2010– 3 maxi singles released in Japan. Release One-man Gigs at 3 places.
– Take part in a cover album “ジブリロック (Ghibli Rock)”, over 15,000 copies sold.
2011 – Dr. Kohei Kimura leaves. Dr. Kazuhiko Maekawa joins.
2012 – 5th album “shower” released in Japan. Marked 4th on Tower Record Indie chart.
-6th album “curtain” released in Japan. Marked 4th on Tower Record Indie chart.
2013 – One man tour in Japan, succeeded
– Dr. Maekawa leaves.
– Write Wakaba high school’s official school theme.
2014 – Dr. Tanaka joins.
– Write the theme song of Tokyo, Ikebukuro’s character.
– Write a song for one of Japan’s biggest beverage companies KIRIN.
– 7th Album “ALARM” released all over the world.

7th Album [ ALARM ] Release Oneman Tour in Japan: July 20 – November 1

CINEMA FESTIVALS in Europe with Yellow Studs are coming within the year.

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Band website

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Junichi Tanaka, Actwitness GmbH

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