Eve member joins UNiTE!

UNiTE lost their drummer Yukimi this April due to his back problems.

Yukimi, old drummer of UNiTE.

Yukimi, old drummer of UNiTE.

Now they have announced that a new drummer has joined their band and that’s no one less than EVE’s drummer yoshi.

His name as UNiTE member will be “Sana” (莎奈).

Sana, new drummer of UNiTE.

Sana, new drummer of UNiTE.

Unfortunately, you can just see their silhouettes on their new band photos. ^^


Eve member joins UNiTE!

Member History

  • Vo. Yui → mausu → Shitsu ★ resutoran(Kaito) → ALiBi(Kai) → UNiTE.(Yui)
  • Gt. Shiina Mio → Delphinium(Mio) → Kyanzeru(Shiina Mio) → UNiTE.
  • Gt. LiN → LeMpicka?(Ba.aki) → UNiTE.(Gu.LiN)
  • Ba. Haku → Harushion(Tomoyasu) → Bahha(Haku) → Kyanzeru → UNiTE.
  • Dr. Sana → Icy Trace(Yoppyi) → EVE(support/yoshi) → EVE(yoshi) → UNiTE.(Sana)

Former members:

  • Dr. Yukumi  →  digitalic aAm → epilatoire(YAS) → Kyanzeru(Yukumi) → UNiTE. → ?

Support members:

  • Dr. atsuto → Sugar → 9GOATS BLACK OUT(support) → shikabanbi → UNiTE.(support) → ?

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