Exclusive interview with V.I.P!

I got the honor to interview V.I.P (Hiroaki Nakashima, vocalist in I -ai-).
He will soon come to Sweden and make a live debut with his solo project!

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Interview with V.I.P

Translator: Jessica Öjermalm

V.I.P | Hiroaki NakashimaEarly this year, you toured Europe with your band I –ai-. Now you come back alone as V.I.P. Can you explain what V.I.P is?
Vocalist I-ai- Project. It’s my solo project but I will not work alone. The concept is to do art collaborations with many other people, with no restrictions to genre, nationality or gender at all.

I have in mind to go beyond music, like video, painting and other various activities.

Will you do anything more than singing, like playing any instrument?
Yes. I will play piano and guitar. But I would like to try DJ’ing and other instruments as well. Many. ^^

What do you want to express through your music?
I always want to express music that can touch people’s hearts and I want to leave music that can be listened to for many years.

What is the most common subject in your lyrics and why?
It depends on the time. However, I often sing about my own experiences in life.

How come that you decided to try out a solo career?
I-ai- is a band made of two people and we don’t always advance together in the same speed.

The style of I-ai- can only move forward when time fit us both, it’s the balance. The reason for solo activity is that it takes one person to advance, it’s only connected to your own life and your own will.

What is the difference between I -ai- and you solo project?
I-ai- is a rock band with the chemical mix of me and Yuki. The only difference of the solo project is that’s only me.

Will it feel different to travel and perform alone this time?
Of course, when it comes down to one person everything is a challenge and also a struggle with oneself.

VIP | Hiroaki NakashimaYou visited Sweden during your tour and now you will return. At the moment, we know that you will hold a show in Uppsala and Stockholm. What was your impression of Sweden during your last visit?
It was in the middle of winter so it was very cold but the people were kind and everyone, both men and women, were very beautiful ^^.

In a previous interview with you, I asked you what you came to think of when I said “Sweden”. You answered “Beautiful nature”. Is that still what you associate Sweden with?
The city views were fantastic, I could feel the history of Sweden.

Sweden is in fact very similar to the place where I was born and raised so it didn’t feel like a foreign country to me.

Do you remember any Swedish words?
Tack så mycket ♪

I remember one more thing, but that would break my image so I can’t say it lol.

What do you hope to experience this time?
Expanded possibilities

And now some personal questions to get to know you better.

What is your favorite food?

What do you enjoy to do the most on your spare time?
Party ^^

What would be your profession of choice if you couldn’t work with music and why?
I would be a manga or anime drawer.

What is your favorite animal and why?
Dogs, because they are like me.

Do you play any computer games?
Not recently, but I like “Final Fantasy” and “Records of the Three Kingdoms” (三国志).

What is the greatest thing that ever happened to you?
That I have met many different people.

What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?
I Forgot ^^

Do you have any suggestions for western people who go to visit Japan?
Eat a lot of Japanese food , it’s healthy. ^^

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans as a closure of this interview?
Because of you, my music exist.

Thanks for your time, Hiroaki!
Tack så mycket♪, Tack så mycket♪ , Tack så mycket ♪

VIP | Hiroaki Nakashima

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Hiroaki Nakashima

Hiroaki Nakashima

Solo project: V.I.P
Hiroaki Nakashima
Other bands: I -ai- (I -アイ-)
Birthday: Dec 29th 1978
Bloodtype: O

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