Japanese indie piano rock band, YELLOW STUDS, to release 7th album in Europe, 18th June


Japanese indie piano rock band, YELLOW STUDS, to release 7th album in Europe, 18th June

YELLOW STUDS is a Japanese, indie, piano, jazz, garage, blues, rock band based in Tokyo, performing at venues, various music festivals throughout the country. What makes this band even more unique is the vocalist Taichi Nomura’s rare, husky voice. They, who have already released 6 albums in Japan, all of whose oneman concerts last year had sold out, are now finally on their way to make a huge impact in Europe and the whole world with their 7th album named [ALARM].


《L⇔R》 Taichi Nomura (Key.& Vo.), Takayuki Okudaira (Gt.), Hiroki Tanaka (Dr.), Daisuke Ueda (Ba.&Cho.) & Ryohei Nomura (Gt.&Cho.)

Album trailer (All songs)


1. コメディ / Comedy
2. 脱線 / Off the Track
3. 秋晴れの空 / Sky of Clear Autumn
4. 僭越ながら / Only if I may, but
5. トビラ / DOOR
6. ヘイママ / Hey Mama
7. 鶴の恩返し / The Grateful Crane
8. 百人町 / Hyakunin-cho
9. SNS
10. 生きてるフリ / Pretending I’m alive
11. また会おう / I’ll see you again
12. 飴と鞭 / Carrot and Stick

[コメディ / Comedy] – elaborate handwriting anime PV.

[秋晴れの空 / Sky of Clear Autumn] – a song for Taichi’s grandmother.

[ トビラ / DOOR ] – used in the latest TV CM by one of Japan’s biggest beverage companies KIRIN.

Purchase available exclusively on those sites:



2003 – Band formed.
2004 – 1st mini album “震度7 / Intensity 7” released, 500 copies sold out.
2006– 2nd album “離陸 / Take-off” released, over 1,000 copies sold.
2007 – 3rd album “伝言 / Message” released, over 3,000 copies sold out, ranked 7th on Tower Record Indie Chart.
2008– 4th album “三年経過 / 3 Years Later” released, over 3,000 copies sold out.
– MV “バード / BIRD” aired on TV Tokyo.
2009– HMV ringtone ranked top 4 consecutive weeks.
2010– 3 maxi singles released. Release One-man Gigs at 3 places.
– Took part in a cover album “ジブリロック (Ghibli Rock)”, sold over 15,000 copies.
2011 – Dr. Kohei Kimura left. Dr. Kazuhiko Maekawa joined.
2012 – 5th album “shower” released. Marked 43th on Oricon chart.

[ Alarm ] Release Oneman Tour in Japan 20th July to the end of Oct

Cinema festivals in Europe with Yellow Studs’ movie in it are coming soon this year.

Official website


Facebook official page

For press inquiries please contact:
Junichi Tanaka, Actwitness GmbH

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