Japan will advance from group C in World Cup – according to these fortunetelling cats!

Kikunosuke and Rikimaru is two Japanese cats who can predict the result in World Cup, at least according to their owner.🙂

As you know, Japan encountered Greece recently (last midnight for a Swede like me) and the game ended up as a tie.

But who will advance from group C…? Japan still has a chance to gain some points when they meet Colombia.

According to the cats, Japan and Colombia will both advance from group C.

Here’s the cats’ predictions for group A through D:

And here is the cats’ prediction for group E through H:

And here is the summarized result:

Group A: Brazil & Cameroon (predicted by Rikimaru)
Group B: Spain & Netherlands (predicted by Rikimaru)
Group C: Colombia & Japan (predicted by Kikunosuke)
Group D: Uruguay & Italy (predicted by Rikimaru)
Group E: Switzerland & Ecuador (predicted by Kikunosuke)
Group F: Argentina & Iran (predicted by Kikunosuke)
Group G: Portugal & Ghana (predicted by Rikimaru)
Group H: Russia & South Korea (predicted by Kikunosuke)

So let’s see if Kikunosuke and Rikimaru might become two wealthy score predictors in the future! ^^

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