Blond and blue-eyed guy turned into Asian via plastic surgery

This is not related to Japan, but a quite interesting story connected to Asia in one way.

Max, 25 year old, used to be a white Brazilian man with blond hair and blue eyes.

Xiahn | Max

He has a great love for K-pop and Korean dramas, and during his time as exchange student in South Korea, he decided that he wanted to look Korean as well.

After 10 surgeries with a cost of $3000, this is what he turned up like. Nowadays he’s know as Xiahn.

You must admit that his look has changed dramatically.

Xiahn | Max

Xiahn says that he’s very happy with the result and that his vision still is perfect. The only thing that hints about his former appearance is the shape of his nose. He still must die his hair black and use brown contacts though.

Xiahn has become famous, appeared on a number of TV shows and has thousands of likes on Facebook: Xiahn gaúcho oriental

Thanks Jessica for the article tip!

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