10 all-too-common occurrences in Japanese anime

You like anime too?

You’ve watched a lot of them?

Then I guess you’ve noticed some very common occurrences in almost each and every one of them. Do you like it or find it tiresome?

In my case, I think I mostly enjoy it. That’s part of the anime-experience.

10 all-too-common occurrences in Japanese anime

1. The likelihood of the main character missing his or her parents is inexplicably high.
2. Just how much food can they put away?!
3. There are waaay too many chicks around the main guy.
4. …And even though that guy is surrounded by cute girls, he can never get any action.
5. The main guy always accidentally falls into a female’s chest.
6. The likelihood of a salaryman on public transportation being a pervert is ridiculously high.

7. Girls who are brazen on the surface but shy on the inside.
8. Our (child) hero must save the world!
9. Around the 6th to 8th episodes, the girls take an obligatory trip to a hot spring.
10. There’s always a running scene during the opening credits.

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Enough already! 10 all-too-common occurrences in Japanese anime

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