Vocalist in D.I.D. suffers from bipolar disorder and his band must end its activities.

D.I.D. will go on indefinite hiatus due to the vocalist mental state.

Fan have noticed for a long time that Akane suffers from depressions. Now it’s revealed that he is bipolar and also suffers from schizophrenia. Unfortunately he can’t continue band activities at the moment.

All love and support to Akane and the other members of D.I.D.

Akane | D.I.D.


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D.I.D. (until the Day I Die)

Debut: July 7th 2012

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Vocal: Akane (茜)
Vocal: Akane (茜)
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Guitar: Tohma (叶真)
Guitar: Tohma (叶真)
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Bass: Shou (翔)
Bass: Shou (翔)
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Drums: Issei (壱世)
Drums: Issei (壱世)
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Member History

  • Vo. Akane →  julius → Para:noir → D.I.D.
  • Gt. Tohma → dolore → chariots(support) → D.I.D.
  • Ba. Shou →  ZEXER(Dr.→Ba.→Dr.) → Para:noir(Ba.) → D.I.D.
  • Dr. Issei →  Saya → HATED, Amulet*(support) → Harvey → (V-Family→freesia) → Shin sekai → Neo → 2the DISCOLAND(tekede) → D.I.D.(support/Issei) → D.I.D.

Former members:

  • Gt. Satoshi → fizz → retort → Para:noir(Satoshi) → D.I.D.(Satoshi)→  DOAK(Satoshi) → LACK-CO. 
  • Dr. takeshi D.I.D. → [retired] 

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