Blood, guts, mutilations and sexual assaults – I’ve watched Shigurui (Anime)

After watching Samurai Champloo, I really wanted to watch another samurai anime and randomly picked Shigurui.

Samurai Champloo and Shigurui should never exist in the same sentence… ^_-

Shigurui means Death Frenzy.

Yes, they were nothing alike. Shigurui had no comical elements, it was a harsh and sad story with a lot of detailed violence, cruelty and nudity – which it’s apparently is known for (I better make my research next time).


If you google “Shigurui”, you will see what I mean – even though it’s mostly pictures from the manga.

Well, I’ve always considered myself as pretty tolerant when it comes to violence on TV, but this anime actually made me pretty uncomfortable. Thinking back on it, I see a lot of guts, mutilation and sexual assault. I guess it’s the latter one that made me most sick, ’cause watching women being abused this way really affects me. Some scene was truly sick.


Still, I never stopped watching it. There was something that kept me play episode after episode. The historical elements was fascinating, and it was really great drawn. And I simply wanted to know how everything would end, since the beginning of the anime started in the present, and then you had to watch the journey from the past – to that point.


It all started with a fight between Gennosuke Fujiki and Seigen Irako.

They had both been pupils at Kogan-Ryuu school. Kogan is a really disgusting creature.


The story begins in 1629 Shizuoka during Tokugawa Tadanaga’s rule. Tokugawa Tadanaga (徳川 忠長, 1606 – January 5, 1634) was a Japanese daimyo of the early Edo period and he had staged a tournament where Fujiki and Irako had to fight with real swords, instead of wooden ones (called bokken). People got surprised when they saw these two swordsmen, ’cause they were both cripples. Fujiki only had one arm, and Irako was blind…


This anime has been praised by a lot of people, so even though I don’t feel any need for watching it again, I guess I got something out of watching it, since I keep thinking of it. Stuff I forget easily – are usually bad.

But you have been warned now. 🙂



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