Members from Fi’Ance & TRUST in the new band “The♡Valentine.”

Yuuka (憂架), former vocalist in the visual kei band Fi’Ance, has recently announced that he has formed a new band called “The♡Valentine.”!

Besides Yuuka, there will be Syu (朱) and Manew (真new) from the band TRUST which recently disbanded.

The♡Valentine. Official Webpage


Vocal: Yuuka (The♡Valentine.)

Vocal: Yuuka

Guitar: Syu (The♡Valentine.)

Guitar: Syu

Guitar: Re (The♡Valentine.)

Guitar: Re

 Bass: Manew (The♡Valentine.)

Bass: Manew

Drums: raito (The♡Valentine.)

Drums: raito

They will hold their first live on July 31st at TSUTAYA O-West!




Band: The♡Valentine.
Formed: 2014


Vocal: yuka (憂架) Guitar: syu (朱) Guitar: re (れー) Bass: manew (真new) Drums: raito (らいと)
yuka (憂架)
syu (朱)
re (れー)
manew (真new)
raito (らいと)

The♡Valentine. Webpage

Other posts about The♡Valentine. on my blog:

Blog Bloodtype Birthday
yuka yuka: O yuka: Nov 19th
syu syu: B syu: Jan 20th
re re: O re: Jan 7th
manew manew: AB manew: Nov 29th
raito raito: AB raito: March 26th

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