the GazettE SHOXX Red Motel #8

Now and then, the GazettE members wrote  small columns in the jrock magazine SHOXX, called “Red Motel”. The texts are originally in Japanese, but I found some translations for you.

The funny thing about Red Motel, is that the topic was determined by the previous GazettE member, so it could be about absolutely anything!

Red Motel #8

Aoi: Randomness
Hey hey hey! Ah~ Ah~ Ehem… Err… It’s finally my turn again ☆ Wah~ I was wondering when my turn would come! But before that! Uruha wrote a great column for Red Motel’s last entry. And waay before that, it was Reita, then Kai, then Ruki. They wrote meagre 3-star entry…

Anyway, the topic I got from the guy who likes to do things slowly, Uruha is [Where did Bin Laden go?]. Okay! Let’s answer this~ No way in hell! How the hell am I supposed to answer this? I don’t have any clue where he is #ノー_一)ノ┻━┻ (AH. If the other band members read this, they’re probably going to say. “EH?! What the hell? That’s his answer?! This is terrible!!” Noo. I hate it.)
But no! I am me ☆ I must be strong! Well then. Gazetto just celebrated our 2nd year anniversary. We have our ups and downs but it’s a real thrill ride! Like, I got my bangs cut too short!! It sorta looks like Wada Akiko’s bangs. But I think that Gazetto is still here after 2 years because of everyone who supported us.
So like- I kinda like- love you guys for that.
Oh god- I’m so embarrassed. Did I just write that? Yes. I will just enjoy the looks the other band members and my sister will give me when they read this column.
Change topic. Our Mini-album [MADARA] is now on sale! Btw, we’ve been really busy these days, it seems endless ☆ Then we’ll have our one-man tour in April! I’m so excited for all of this, I couldn’t’ sleep. Hmm, let me share you something, but it only stays between us, OK! After all this ends, we’ll be doing ※○⊄◆♪♂△♀§… Ah~ if I really told you what we’re going to do now, it won’t be so exciting when they’ll officially announce it, right. So I’ll just stop now.☆ AH! It’s the end of this entry. I have to give Reita his topic now? But I don’t want to. I want to write more…
Focus Aoi! Pull yourself together!
Reita’s topic is [Tell us please! Top 10 of Gazetto’s unexpected events that happened in these 2 years]. Oh my. A lot has happened to us in these 2 years. Let us have this guy, who likes to share his band member’s embarrassing history, Reita to tell us about all about it! Okay~ This entry ends with that! Adieu~☆
Translation source: Gentle lie

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