the GazettE SHOXX Red Motel #10

Now and then, the GazettE members wrote  small columns in the jrock magazine SHOXX, called “Red Motel”. The texts are originally in Japanese, but I found some translations for you.

The funny thing about Red Motel, is that the topic was determined by the previous GazettE member, so it could be about absolutely anything!

Red Motel #10

Kai: Spring-time Memories

Hey~ Hello! OK. 2nd time Kai here. Our first one man tour has finally ended. And now we’re re-charging our batteries for summer. I’ve been thinking about the topic Reita gave me everyday since I got it and I still don’t understand it~
[Will you come in Spring-time? If Spring has passed, I’d still love to hear your stories…Please do tell!] Whaaa?( ̄O ̄;) How am I supposed to answer this..? Spring! Yessir~ Spring is the season for meetings and encounters! I first met Gazetto during Spring!
Oh I know! I know! I’ll share with you about my memories of Spring-time! I was in my 2nd year of high school…
I was in the school Soccer Club. But on my 2nd year in high school, I decided to quit school. The guys from Soccer Club gave me a white soccer ball with all of the club member’s signature~!
There was this one guy, he was really great soccer player and he said, “Don’t you dare run away from me! You are my rival till the very end!” Somehow I can clearly remember that moment.
(End of BGM)
What I’m trying to say here is that friends are really important! They are our lifelong treasures! OK! That is all!
Next up is Ruki! He probably has something to tell you guys so his topic will be [Everyone shut up and listen to me!]
Oh btw, we’ll be having our country-wide tour this summer so please wait for us(^3^)/ Ah. Those who couldn’t come to our previous tour, please come see us perform in our next one! (^Q^)/^
Translation source: Gentle lie

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