SAGA joins HIGHFeeL to hit Europe



HIGHFeeL is proud to introduce the unique Asian-pop group SAGA!

Korea, China and Japan united for an unique concept: SAGA! After a sensational debut in Asia, the pop trio targets the European scene and chose the Japanese-European agency HIGHFeeL as their promoter!
Please welcome SAGA and spread their international message!


SAGA – Korea – Japan – China – Super Asian Pop Group

SAGA is an Asian pop music trio group debuted in 1st March 2014. consists the members of Female vocalist “RAMY” from Korea, Male Vocalist “KEVIN” from China , And Producer “RIO” from Japan. SAGA’s debut itself shocked those countries and become a topic in the internet in each countries because of the tensioned – relationship between those 3 countries these year.

SAGA ranked as #1 artist first appearance on the Japanese largest music site “BARKS” on 2 April 2014. SAGA’s first music video “Together” Ranked as #1 electro music video chart on Chinese Largest video-sharing website “LETV’ on 29 March 2014. Their Debut became a hot topic in Korean music media such as “Asia Today” or “Wow Korea” described as “New Era of K-pop”. In Indonesia, SAGA announced their debut in Indonesia in 3rd year anniversary TV show of Indonesian No.1 Girls Group names “Chellybelle” broadcasted by SCTV. SAGA remixed and performed Chellybelle’s song together in the show and that made huge impact to Indonesian audience. After the Show SAGA requested to attend one of the largest Indonesian festival “ENNNICHISAI” (2014.05.24 & 25) which has more than 200,000 Visitors every year and also SAGA’s song was decided to become the theme song of the event this year. SAGA produced all the music including theme song of Chinese TV drama “Next Generation”.

SAGA will release their 1st worldwide debut album in July 2014, which will be distributed or streamed in more than 50 countries.

SAGA is now targeting shows all over the world. “SAGA means journey in English. We travel and deliver our positive music and message everywhere just to prove there is no border on the earth and our heart.”

Their saga to the new world just began.


Emotional intelligence

HIGHFeeL, international management and promotion agency, wishes to create a strong and close relation with each selected artist. From the beginning of the creative process to the final promotional campaign, HIGHFeeL supports talents without border, limit or even gender.

100% open-minded, sensitive, empathic.

Thanks to a small but multi-talented, multilingual and skilled team, HIGHFeeL can guide artists in their research of emotion, providing them all the necessary tools to grow up in their own scene.

FeeL good, go HIGH.


  •  Music production
  •   Composition/Lyrics writing
  •   Direction/artist management
  •   Arrangement
  •   Professional photoshoots
  •   Label/CD Releases
  •   Press Campaigns in Specialized media (Japan, Europe, USA)
  •   Event planning, event management
  •   Consulting
  •   Webdesign, Online communication, Social media
  •   Publishing
  •   Graphic design
  •   Translation (JP-EN-FR)

HIGHFeeL was born at the end of 2013 after HIGHFeeL Japan and HIGHFeeL Europe decided to merge activities and unite their skills to become a complete and international management agency, active in artist management, press and public relations, music production, events.

  • 2011: HIGHFeeL Japan was created by the Producer and Guitarist Shota Yokoyama. First works as music production agency.
  • 2013: First collaboration with the European management/booking agency Râmen Events.
  • 2013, November: HIGHFeeL Europe was created in EU as a sister company of Râmen Events.
  • 2013, December: merger of the 2 agencies.
  • Launch party in Paris, March, 2014. Art exhibition with Ryota Sakai.
  • 2014: ADAMS international tour in 13 countries, 23 concerts, radio and TV appearances, album release…
  • 2014: SAGA joins HIGHFeeL.
  • To be continued…



CEO Shota Yokoyama/Co-founder Aurélie Vandecasteele

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