Happy Birthday Jun!

Happy Birthday Jun, guitar-player in PIERROT!

You turn 41 today!

Jun, guitar-player in PIERROT!


Formed: 1995


Kirito (Murata Shinya)  (PIERROT)

Aiji (Mizui Shinji)  (PIERROT)

Jun (Yamaura Jun'ichi)  (PIERROT)

Murata Kohta  (PIERROT)

Ishikawa Takeo  (PIERROT)

Vocals: Kirito
(Murata Shinya)
Lead Guitar: Aiji
(Mizui Shinji)
Guitar: Jun
(Yamaura Jun’ichi)
Murata Kohta
Ishikawa Takeo

PIERROT Official Webpage
PIERROT Official Twitter

Other posts about PIERROT on my blog:

Kirito: Feb 24th 1972
Aiji: Nov 17th 1974
Jun: May 4th 1973
Murata Kohta: June 3rd 1975
Ishikawa Takeo: July 11th 1972

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