Interview with This is a PEN.

This is an interview with This is a PEN. by Nippon Heaven (from last year).
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This is a PEN.

Interview with This is a PEN. by Nippon Heaven

Amairo / January 26, 2014

Not long ago, we introduced you to a brand new band called This is a PEN.. You remember them, right?

We had our great chance to make an interview with this amazing band and now we are happy to share it with you all. Since they’re new band, they still hadn’t had the chance to visit Europe, but we all hope that this will happen some day soon. Are you excited to read their answers? So, we will let you to enjoy them and meet the band on a closer way!

Nippon Heaven: Hello, everyone! Can you, please, introduce yourself?
KEITO: I’m vocalist KEITO.
Wotakufighter: I’m anime and figures lover, guitarist Wotaku (´ー`)
Akaiwa Masaki: I’m hypermedia drummer Akaiwa Masaki.
All: Readers of NIPPON HEAVEN, Hello, we are This is a PEN.!
It appeared to be a strange band name, right?

NH: When did you decided to form the band?
All: In summer of 2012, Akaiwa Masaki and Wotaku has officially formed the unit. In September 2013 we met Keito and the band was formed!

NH: Why exactly this name – This is a PEN.?
KEITO: When I joined, it had been already chosen. However, since this is a very simple words and it will be easy for everyone to remember it, I agreed with it.
WF: I wanted a band name, which you will not forget when you hear it for the first time.
AIMSK: When English-speaking person hear it, it’s like “what?”, isn’t it? In Japan we’re taught in quite common English. But with this “what?” I want to transmit the music what makes a strong impression from Japan. This is the sense of This is a PEN.

NH: Wotaku-san and Akaiwa-san also had a music school. Tell us something more about it!
WF: This year will become 6 years since I held guitar classes.
In this classes vary children from primary school, housewives and also students, who wants to become proffesional musicians. The songs, which are taught there are mainly Japanese. And among other things, the popularity of visual kei band’s music is high.
AIMSK: Previously, me and Wotaku held our classes separately, but in January 2013 we started together “WhaMit Music School”. Students range from primary school children to adults, we have also drum courses, but piano courses are main. Yes, V-KEI and J-ROCK popularity is high.

NH: How do you mix the band activities with the school?
AIMSK: We make school events regularly, and in the first live, which was held the end of last year, oppening act were a band, made of our students. And since they are very active, we may include them again in the future. At that time, since we were using our songs as a teaching tool, they can study even from the lives of This is a PEN.
WF: For example we teach the students to our songs, as Masaki-kun said, and we go to events together with them. (laughs)

NH: How do you see band’s future?
KEITO: Even though the genre is not that manic, I want everybody to listen and enjoy the music.
WF: I want the 3 of us to be always together.
AIMSK: I want to be more listened by the wide generation. I want to make things, which will be translated into more national languages. For example, This is a PEN. in Arabic.

1st Mini Album “This is a PEN.”

NH: Your first album “This is a PEN.” was released last month. How went its recording?
KEITO: The days for recording were limited and to overcome it, we just had to concentrate. I think it’s a good experience for the future.
WF: Despite of the little time we had, we did all we can. The album was finished in harmony and each of us were able to gain a strong personality. (´ー`)
AIMSK: It was hard, because we had only 2 months for recording, and we had to made the design and production at the same time. But I think we overcome it, because we have a bond.

NH: Which is your favorite song from it?
KEITO: 6.「The Way」
FW: 4.「未読」-Unread-
AIMSK: 3. 恋はテンダー (Transl. note: Love is tender)

NH: Are you going to shoot a music video for a certain song?
All: Of course. We have some plans, possibly in 2014.

NH: All of you are great musicians, but how did you decided to start playing music?
KEITO: When I was a junior high school student, I went to rock event and there were performing a very powerful visual kei band. I started to think of music since then.
WF: When I was 14 years old, I bought a guitar right after I had listened to X. “This is it”, I thought. Since that time and in the future, hide will always be my God.
AIMSK: When I was 4 I was playing koto, and when I became 5 started to play the piano. Around the time, when I was a high school sophomore I was affected by X JAPAN and started to play drums.

NH: And how do you spend your free time?
KEITO: When I’m tired I like to go to a public bath house, which are unique for Japan. And if I can afford to go farther, I want to go to a hot spring.
WF: I have a collection of figures and I like to play with them. Or playing guitar. (´ー`)
AIMSK: I’m probably sleeping a lot (laughs) the luxury of maximum indolence. But I always regret it.

NH: Akaiwa-san, we know that you can play both on the piano and drums, but which is your favorite instrument?
AIMSK: Though I love them both, if I seek physical pleasure – drums. If I seek mental pleasure – piano. Maybe~?

NH: Wotaku-san, you have an interesting nickname – wotakufighter. How did you chose it? Is it something specific for you?
WF: I am crazy ANIME WOTAKU! (Transl. note: otaku = maniac). Marvel comics and Transformers, I love anime from all over the world! I’m always studying. So I buy a lot of toys. In Japan people, who buy a lot are called “tatakau” – fight. It is read as (戦う) – the one who fight. In English is fighter, right? Therefore, wotaku fight = wotakufighter. Then how should be wotakufighter’s abbreviation. And I wondered how it be in English – WTF? Ah, this isn’t a good words (laughs) But if I’m Wotaku, WTF is right word, right? (laughs)

NH: Keito-san, since when you know the other members? How did you decided to join the band?
KEITO: To be honest I met the other 2 members by chance and around the summer of 2013 we combined our sound. And then naturally I thought it would be good if 3 of us work together.

NH: Who compose the songs for This is a PEN.?
AIMSK: I wrote the songs for this album. But other members also write songs.

NH: Would you like to visit Europe? Which country?
KEITO: Because I love Europe, my dream is to visit many countries. Personally I had visited UK, Italy, France and Spain. Also Germany, but only the airport in Frankfurt. (laughs)
WF: I want to go everywhere, where people will accept us!
AIMSK: First, Italy! Because recently I’m addicted to pizza (laughs)

NH: Thank you for giving us the chance to take this interview. Can you, please, leave a message to Nippon Heaven’s readers?
KEITO: When I go abroad, I am very happy when people greet me with a smile. I promise that I’ll make you smile many times.
WF: Remember? This is a PEN., remember, right? Thank you again in the future!
AIMSK: This is a PEN. is a strange band, you think.
Because we are going to be more anxious, please, look at us all the time. And if we come to your country, please, don’t hesitate and come! And come to Japan!

Interview taken by: Nippon Heaven
English translation: Kalina Petrova

This is a PEN. (ディスイズアペン)

Debut: December 21st 2013

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